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Here at clueQuest we believe in the power of shared experiences and since you're here on our blog, clearly you do too. So you know that nothing beats sharing special moments with those we love. The lockdown is almost over so we compiled a list to inspire ideas how to create new & happy memories. There are the obvious ones...

One Year of Print+Cut+Escape

By clueQuest

On 26th March 2020 the UK went into its first Covid-related national lockdown, and we here at clueQuest locked the doors of our Kings Cross venue with a heavy cloud of uncertainty hanging over our heads. When would we open them again? Even more terrifying a question - would we ever open again?

Announcing Operation E.G.G.

By clueQuest

It’s nearly here... the time you’ve all been waiting for… the grand hatching of our new Print+Cut+Escape game - Operation E.G.G.

Team up with everyone’s favourite mechanical mouse - MM7 - to complete Mr Q’s latest training course. A series of puzzling problems stand between you and success as you attempt to crack the case and recover clueQuest’s stolen property.

Easter is the time of spring buds blooming, gorging on delicacies you’ve refused since the winter holidays, and vacating your work obligations because it’s FINALLY sunny and warm! Well, we here at clueQuest give you full permission to continue procrastinating that spring clean, and dive into these Top 5 Things To Do At Home This Easter.

There have been many mysterious forces working against global celebrations and holidays this past year, but intel has shed light on a surprising discovery. The Evil Professor was targeting Christmas for a shocking scheme! Over a thousand agents from 36 different companies spanning 10 different countries teamed up with their co-workers to thwart the Evil Professor’s diabolical festive plans as they played Print+Cut+Escape’s Christmas 2.0 Live Hosted Edition this past November and December.

2020 - the birth of Print+Cut+Escape

By clueQuest

2020 has been and gone, and while everyone will probably agree that it was a mostly terrible time, we’d like to take a moment to focus on one of the positive aspects of the year that was.

Guess Who’s Back…

By clueQuest

It’s us! We are happy to announce that since London falls into the Tier 2 category of regional lockdowns, clueQuest is able to open its doors once again. It’s so good to be able to get out of the house and see our wonderful agents again (from a reasonable distance of course).

Team building is an important thing for any company and now more so than ever that we cannot do it in person. Since 2013, hundreds of companies have been using our escape rooms and services to encourage employee engagement, run meaningful team building events and to celebrate company milestones. Unfortunately, due to the current situation this is no longer possible to do in person. This is why we have taken everything online.

The best lockdown activities

By clueQuest

Unfortunately we find ourselves in lockdown again which is not an easy situation but we are here to help. We have collected some activities and ideas to get you through.

This halloween night will be completely different to those experienced before. The reasons are obvious. Just because you can't go to a party now, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a really fun evening. If you’re interested in having your best Halloween in 2020, read on!

Try the VR experience now

By clueQuest

As of 2023, clueQuest no longer runs Ubisoft VR games. However, we currently have four in person escape rooms, ten play-at-home games, and even an outdoor escape game, so there's still plenty of fun to be had at clueQuest! Why not check our booking page for availibility? 

Finding the best team building activities is a rather challenging task, especially if you would like to do something else than having a pint or two in a nice bar after work. You have to make sure to create a bonding experience, work together as a team and make it fun at the same time.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to participate in a live escape game? Maybe you have played one but you haven’t been to the most exciting rooms in London? Let us give you 3 reasons why to visit ClueQuest, probably the best escape game in London!

Save the Planet While Playing

By clueQuest

Although we are already open, not everyone can or wants to visit yet. And that's okay, we fully understand this. And as well as being open, we really like making our Print+Cut+Escape games, and you love them too. But we know very well that a lot of games require a lot of paper to be used for printing, which is not very eco-friendly. However, we consider it very important to reduce our ecological footprint. So what do we do?

Are you ready for another mission?

By clueQuest

Whatever happens, Mr Q always has a plan to stop the professor. Or not even one but several plans. If the main plan is not working then could plan B come. Or C… Maybe Q. But the point is that our top secret fortress PLAN52 is constant. Just not the same as it was. What does it mean? Listen carefully! We’ll explain.

We are back

By clueQuest

We have good news, perhaps the best in this year so far. You guess? Yes, it’s official! We are back! Finally, we can open our doors and can’t wait to meet you not just online but face to face too.