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Why to choose an escape room for team building activities?

by clueQuest

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Finding the best team building activities is a rather challenging task, especially if you would like to do something else than having a pint or two in a nice bar after work. You have to make sure to create a bonding experience, work together as a team and make it fun at the same time.

Let us make your task a bit easier by explaining why to choose an escape room for your team building activities! Let’s begin, shall we?

Creativity and problem solving

In order to escape from any room, you need to think creatively. The team is facing many riddles and challenges, and creativity is key in order to go around problems and solve them. Most of the challenges you encounter as a team have to be looked at from different angles, and require coordinated teamwork to get over them.

Task and time management skills

Each room has a time limit. Instead of causing too much pressure, escaping improves task and time management skills. During the given hour the team has to find keys, open doors, decode and so on. Tasks have to be done in a certain order too, so the team has to manage to complete them all and open the last door within 60 minutes. Every workplace faces challenges regarding finishing a project with a set, often tight deadline. By playing together, you will get better at managing tasks and whole projects, and to complete them together. 

Improves decision making

Your time in the room is limited, only 60 minutes to escape. Do not worry, it is not as stressful as it may seem first, escape games are really a fun way to develop new skills. As a result, there is not much time to waste and to think about the solutions for a long time. The team has to work efficiently and make decisions quickly together. Escape games are a great and fun way to develop this skill, and it will improve the general performance in the office too. 

Great achievement

Overcoming a challenge is great but to do so as a team is a unique experience. Everyone has to do their part in the room in order to get out within the given timeframe, it gives the team a great sense of accomplishment and team spirit. This feeling improves relationships inside and outside the office. Every time a team escapes they all give each other high fives and hugs, smiling at each other knowing that they all have been part of the “dream team”. It is always something nice to look at. 


We all know that team building activities can be rather expensive, but it does not have to be. That is why we offer games available for as little as £25 per person. We are also able to cater more than 60 people at any one time. 

You can also play online

Surely, due to the pandemic organizing team building activities is not an easy task, locking up a team in a room to interact with each might seem to be unsafe for some of your colleagues. But, do not be afraid, online escape games that you can play via zoom are available! Why don’t you check out our offer of Print+Cut+Escape games and consider catching the professor with your colleagues?