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clueQuest | London | Ubisoft Escape Room London London

Prince of Persia

The Dagger
Of Time

Experience an unreal VR adventure
taking place in the world of Price of Persia.

clueQuest | London Escape Room London London

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Uniquely themed immersive Escape Rooms London (N1)

clueQuest is one of the UK's top rated escape room games. If you've got what it takes to join Mr Q's spy agency, sign up for one of our 60 minute missions and unlock your secret agent potential.

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Escape Room missions Escape Room London London

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Escape Room missions

Visit Us at Kings Cross and choose from four different, fully immersive escape room missions.
Print + Cut + Escape! Escape Room London London

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Print + Cut + Escape!

Now you can enjoy the clueQuest experience at home with our new printable escape puzzle.
VR missions Escape Room London London

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VR missions

Immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality and choose yours out of the three available Ubisoft VR escape games.
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"Disney nor Universal Studios could pack this much fun and entertainment into 60 minutes."

If you are planning a fun and memorable friends and family outing then clueQuest is the place to be.

Kudos for taking on the big mission of organizing the ‘DO’! If you are looking for a fun and competitive hen or stag activity with potential to ruin friendships, then you can choose to book one or several escape rooms from three unique missions.

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Whether you are planning a surprise for a friend or family member or you are simply looking for an engaging activity for your teenager’s birthday that everyone would enjoy, you are in the right place!

Part analogue. Part digital. A whole new way to escape, based on our Print+Cut+Escape game, which sold over 20289 times. Liked and escaped by many companies.

Become part of the story

Enter Mr Q's spy universe and discover 4 unique missions. Excellent for small teams of 2-6 players or large groups of up to 66 players per session.


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clueQuest: Escape Rooms in London (N1)

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