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Booking Help

Go to our Booking page and use our calendar to look up and select the date, time slot and mission you want to play. You can use the top right orange button above the calendar to toggle between full Week or Day view.

You can add as many rooms as you like - your selection will be visible in section 2, under the calendar - and as many players per room as you require. Please double-check that you have chosen the right date and time and entered the correct contact details before you checkout.

A booking confirmation email containing a link to all the relevant details (date, time mission etc) will be sent out to you only if payment is successful.

Do not panic. :) Simply get in touch with us via the number listed in the Contact us section or in your booking confirmation as soon as you realise that you have made an error and our team will advise you from there.

After successful payment has been made, our system will automatically send you a booking confirmation email containing a link to your booking details. Please open that link and double check that all booking details are correct.

If you have not received an email confirmation from us within 30 minutes of finalizing payment, please double-check your spam folder.

If your confirmation email is still missing, and you have been charged for the booking (i.e. have an e-receipt from PayPal or your bank), then please get in touch with our team as soon as possible quoting the name you booked under and the date, time and mission you've booked for.

Yes you can, provided that you already have less than 6 players booked in per room or that we have additional rooms available to add to your booking.

To make sure that you get the best experience, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking. For more information, please check our Terms & Conditions.

Since clueQuest is a live immersive experience with a fixed start time (just like the theatre, a concert or a sports event), we can not allow delays which are longer than 15 minutes after the time stated on your booking confirmation.

In case you are running late or can no longer attend for whatever reason, please call us on +44 (0) 7745 590 791 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

You can find our Cancellation & Rescheduling policy under Section B of our Terms & Conditions. If you need to cancel/reschedule a booking please get in touch as soon as possible with our team using the contact details from the Contact us section.

We send out team photos the next day after your experience, so please check your inbox (and spam folder, just in case). If you cannot find the email with your team photo, please drop us a line and we'll chase it up for you.

Yes. Unless the date & time slot you want us to provisionally set aside for you is not within less than 7 days of contacting us.

In case your booking session got timed out or you leave the PayPal payment page our system will block the time slots you were trying to book for 20 minutes. After this time has elapsed, you can attempt to re-book the slots.

If you continue to experience issues, please get in touch with our team.

Due to the nature of our business (i.e. live experience) we can not refund in case team members drop out, but we will do our best to help you reschedule when possible if this affects the capacity of the rest of the group to attend.If you are unsure of the final numbers attending a game session, then we advise to book for the minimum amount of players required per room, which is 3. You can then add more players before or on the day of your booking.
If you are unsure of the final numbers attending a game session, then we advise to book for the minimum amount of players required per room, which is 3. You can then add more players before or on the day of your booking.

You can read our full cancellation & rescheduling policy in our Terms & Conditions.


An escape room or escape game is usually a real life adventure game in which players are given a set amount of time to solve their way out of an immersive, fictional scenario using teamwork and logic.

At clueQuest, each team gets 60 minutes to escape and a designated game host to look after your game and help you along the way with cryptic clues and hints if you get stuck.

We have often been praised as a quirky and affordable option for team building or for family & friends outings with a difference. Our staff’s enthusiasm and dedication to making every team's experience special, as well as our accessible gameplay and fun design make us one of the UK’s top escape rooms according to TripAdvisor rankings.

You can read more reviews about us in TimeOut, The Londonist, on our Facebook page or on Google.

We've designed our games to cater for different team types (i.e. from 'rookie agents' to 'escape room veterans'), therefore we recommend reading the mission specs,which are usually found on the dedicated mission pages, before choosing the one with the right level of challenge for you and your team.
We have two missions, PLAN52 and Operation BlackSheep, recommended for escape room veterans and rookies alike, and for those who love a challenge, there's Revenge of the Sheep and cQ ORIGENES.

Please note, however, that different teams will have different experiences. Choosing a room perceived as less challenging does not necessary guarantee a successful escape - it's all up to how well you work together! :)

Although our rooms were originally designed for teams of 3-6 players they are certainly doable by teams of 2, although more help may be needed. For groups larger than 6 players, multiple rooms can be booked for the same time slot - for example, a group of 10 can split into two teams of 5 and book two identical units (rooms). This way everyone can enjoy the same mission and you can even race each other to make it more fun! If you have any questions regarding your team size, please get in touch via the Contact us section.

Go to our Booking section to check our real time escape room availability for to up to 4 months in the future.

We have off-peak (£30 pp) and peaktime prices (£35 pp). You can find these on our Booking page. For assessment or meeting space prices please get in touch.

Be prepared to spend between 80 to 90 minutes at our venue. This includes your briefing before the game, the actual gameplay (60 minutes) and an after-game team debrief with photos.

To make sure that you get the best experience, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking.

Not at all. We are a family-friendly venue and our escape rooms do not include any jumpscares, or otherwise frightening elements. Unless you are afraid of yellow mice or super-villain sheep.

Anything you feel comfortable in. Our rooms do not require any significant amount of athleticism, as it is more a mission of your mind than of your muscle.

clueQuest is a fun escape game for all ages, although children under the age of 9 might find it challenging or have difficulty keeping focus long enough to engage with the puzzles.

For teams of children under 16 we require the supervision of one adult per team (e.g. for three teams of children,three adults will be required to join them in the escape rooms). Please be aware that our former 'adults go free' policy is no longer in place, and therefore all members of a team must pay for admission. For more information, please check our Terms & Conditions.

Yes. In case you have large suitacases or travel luggage, you can ask our game hosts to store them away for you; small handbags or backpacks can be taken along in the escape room.
If you have booked our meeting room as part of your day, then you can securely leave all your belongings in there for the whole duration of the game.

Definitely. You can add merchandise to your cart when booking your escape rooms. Alternatively, you can also purchase merchandise and team memorabilia on site, after your game.

We do not have any active group discounts at the moment. However, if you sign up to our mailing list, we periodically offer our subscribers discounts and extras. In order to subscribe, simply enter your email at the bottom of this web page or tick the marketing comms box just before checkout. You have the option to unsubcribe from our mailing list at any time.

Yes. You can request our public liability insurance policy via the Contact us section.

Yes. We make sure that regular checks and drills are carried out in order to ensure the safety of our staff and customers at all times. If you need any more info please refer to our Risk Assessment and Health & Safety Policy.

Corporate teams

The entire venue can fit 180 people, which at any given time would need to spread 66 people inside escape rooms, 65 standing inside of our conference room space, and another 50 people spread throughout our reception areas and garden patio adjacent to the conference room. We’d put in place signage to help control the flow of traffic with a group this size to facilitate seamless crossover from games to socialising. The largest group size that can convene in the same physical space (our conference room) is 65 people, standing. We can always have one of our team show you the venue prior to booking with us.

We have a maximum capacity of 6 people in one escape room for optimal escape game play and health and safety purposes.

We have set times but we can accommodate bespoke starting times for an additional fee of £80 per room. The only time slot that would not incur a bespoke start time would be the first slot and we can start games as early as 9am for a group booking of 3 or more rooms.

We recommend allotting 80-90 minutes for the escape game only experience. The escape social package lasts 2.5 hours. The full venue hire starts at a 4 hour minimum experience.

You can either pay via card through our webpage payment portal, using any of the major carriers, Amex, gpay, or apple pay. Alternatively, we can invoice your group and accept BACS transfer payments. We are also experienced in filling out regular vendor forms and receiving a direct deposit. Do let us know when making an enquiry how you would prefer to pay.

We can set rooms and function space hire aside for up to two weeks, pending availability. Within those two weeks, you would need to pay either a minimum non-refundable deposit amount or the full amount to secure your booking. The minimum non-refundable deposit is equal to the value of a team of 3 for each room in your booking + the space hire cost if applicable to your booking. Your food order (if applicable) and any additional player expense would be paid closer to your event date or on the day with one-time card payment.

We do not offer refunds on any transactions according to our terms and conditions. However, we offer an agreeable voucher policy, issuing vouchers for the original amount paid at no additional cost if given at least 14 days notice of the anticipated booking rescheduling request or cancellation request. Vouchers are valid for 6 months from creation and can be extended for up to another 6 months. If we’re given less than 14 days and up to 24 hours notice of a booking's team size needing to be reduced due to anticipated absences, we can process the vouchers for the amount equal to the number of players who cannot make the event date. We do not offer vouchers or refunds for no shows on the event date.

We offer four different escape games that have at least one copy of each, allowing for healthy competitive team building and removing any worries about spoiling the missions for colleagues during post-escape discussion. There are 3 copies of Operation Blacksheep and 4 copies of Plan 52, which cater perfectly for large groups of up to 18 people playing across three different units, and 24 playing in four different units. Our other two missions, Revenge of the Sheep and cQ ORIGENES are also based in our all age friendly universe of a secret spy agency committed to saving the world from a disastrously dangerous villain. Our rooms can even double as unique meeting spaces during a full venue hire. Whether your event involves training breakout sessions or interviews, our rooms are great backgrounds for your team's productivity.

We have two function spaces, which are ideal for internal meetings, group presentations, training days, or product releases. Our Apollo Room space is slightly smaller and ideal for groups 6-18 people in size. Our conference room space fits up to 25 in a boardroom layout, or 45 in a theatre style layout. We have AV functionality in each room for powerpoint or video presentations.

The conference room space is roughly 4.3 metres X 11 metres in size. There is a garden patio with furniture and greenery adjacent to the conference space as well.

The Apollo room space is roughly 4 metres X 5.8 metres in size

Our trusted partner Eden Caterers can accommodate any food you require and we will coordinate your order making adding food to your special day a breeze. From cold individually packaged lunch options to popular shared platter options, breakfast items, or even hot meals, Eden Caterers can provide them all. We need to submit your food order at least three days prior to your event date, so we require your food order to be relayed to us five days out from your booking.

We do not offer discounts to team building groups for our package rates unless they are charities or qualify for a blue light discount and their total group size is 24 players or more. The discount is £5 off per person from quoted package offer rate. For groups less than 30 guests, who are booking a package offer, we can offer an in kind discount on a case by case basis (eg. reduced space hire, or additional merchandise). For group’s booking only the escape room team building activity, and booking between Monday through Friday, our reception team can help apply a £5 per person discount to your group’s booking regardless of team size.

For every booking made via our website (and paid for online) you will receive an automated email booking confirmaiton and receipt which includes a VAT price breakdown.

If you are booking on behalf of a VAT registered company or you are paying via BACS transfer, you can also request a separate invoice.

Please note that either a minimum non-refundable deposit or full payment must be made before the day of your booking. For more information, please check our Terms & Conditions.

Yes, you can check out using any major card provider including Amex.

Yes. To find out more about our meeting spaces, please click on the link. For prices, availability and booking, please get in touch.

Some of our packages with private space include light snacks and hot beverages. Our catering partner for any lunch, buffet style meals or alcoholic beverage offerings is Edens Caterers. Guests using one of our meeting rooms are also welcome to make arrangements for catering & food deliveries on their own. Whether you take a recommendation from us or plan it yourselves, we’ll be on standby to make sure the drop-off runs smoothly.

Our in-house design team can create custom branded team prizes/awards or personalized items for each team member as long as there is enough lead time for your request. We advise getting in touch at least 3 months prior to your event date. If you are looking to customize your event in any way, please get in touch with our team to discuss options.

Groups larger than 66 people will be required to book more than one session, spreading across two time slots. Our full venue hire package would suit your group best. Please get in touch with our team for more information and we will help you build a schedule that best fits your group size needs

We have a referral programme which also doubles as our loyalty scheme. Follow this link to sign up and learn more.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

The party bag can be added on to any order for £5 incl VAT each, and can be purchased ahead of the booking via our customer service team at or added to your event onsite with a card or cash payment. The party bag is included when booking the birthday package rate for any bookings that secure 3 or more rooms (minimum of 15 people).

The birthday party bag includes a team photo magnet, puzzle erasers, a clueQuest pen, some colored pencils and a clueQuest activity booklet.

Although we do not allow food & drinks in our briefing area or in the escape rooms, you can hire our meeting room prioror after your game to enjoy a cake or meal. We can recommend several restaurants to order delivery from, or help order food from our catering partner. Please contact us at for more details.

Definitely. Make sure it’s wrapped before we put it in the room. Simply get in touch with our team via to enquire about the size of the gift and process of hiding a gift in our rooms.

Yes. To find out prices and availability and to book our meeting room for before or after the game, please get in touch.

We do not charge a deposit, however, all of our birthday party organmizers that are hiring private space will need to review and agree to our Apollo Room and Conference Room terms and conditions, which detail the organiser's responsibility to care for the private space.

According to our terms and conditions we require all teams with under 16 year old players to have at least one 16 year old or older adult supervisor. This policy is in place for the safeguarding of the children in the room, as our staff are not safeguarding trained. It’s our staff’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the customers from our rooms and equipment, and to ensure the safety and integrity of our rooms from the customers. However, it is the adult supervisor’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the customers from each other, hence why we require all teams with under 16 year olds to have one adult supervisor present . This supervising team member is charged at the regular rate and encouraged to get involved in the game.

Our spy-themed party invite template can be made available upon request after your booking is paid for and confirmed. Simply email us at referencing your order id and we’ll share it with you.

Yes, you can! :) Some merchandise or personalized items (e.g. mugs) might require more lead time than others, therefore, we recommend getting in touch with us at least 4 weeks before your booking day if you're interested in personalizing any clueQuest merchandise found in our gift shop.

Bookings for Hen & Stag Dos

Yes, we do! :) The hen/stag gets a little gift from Mr Q: a team photo magnet. Therefore, if you are booking for a hen or stag do, make sure to tick the relevant box before checkout to let us know.

Definitely. Depending on the room you have booked or plan to book, we can help you hide gifts and surprises. Simply get in touch with our team via the Contact us section to enquire about the possibilities.

Yes, you can! :) Some merchandise or personalized items (e.g. mugs) might require more lead time than others, therefore, we recommend getting in touch with us at least 2 weeks before your booking day.

Although we do not allow food & drinks in our briefing area or in the escape rooms, you can hire our meeting room for before or after your game. For more information, please contact us.

Yes. To find out prices and availability and to book our meeting room for before or after the game, please get in touch.

Gift vouchers

You can buy clueQuest gift vouchers from the Voucher section of your website.

Except for some special cases, vouchers purchased via our website or received as gifts are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The expiration date is always listed on the pdf which is downloadable after purchase.

Vouchers and promo codes can only be redeemed on our online booking page, at the payment page. Simply add the voucher or promo code in the relevant field before finalizing your booking. Don't forget to include any hyphens, as they are a part of the code.

Get in touch with our customer care support team if you are encountering any issues with your voucher.

No. Unlike promo codes, voucher codes can be used for a single transaction only, so be sure to spend their whole value as part of your booking (for instance by adding merchandise or multiple games to the order).

You can request to have the validity of a gift voucher extended by up to an additional 6 months. Simply contact our team and confirm your voucher code. Please note that there is a limit of one validity extension per voucher.

Special circumstances, facilities & accessibility

Yes! We have one copy of Operation BlackSheep and cQ:Origenes, and two copies of PLAN52 and Revenge of the Sheep which are accessible by use of a wheelchair lift. Not all puzzle elements may be reachable by an individual in a wheelchair, but if your entire team are wheelchair users, please get in touch in advance and we can re-arrange the room or advise in your specific case. There are no physical challenges within the rooms, and all games take place on a flat surface (no steps/stairs or crawling required). Note, due to the weight limit of the wheelchair lift, we may not be able to accept bookings from powered wheelchair users. Please contact customer service to discuss your situation further.

Yes. There are no physical challenges or fear factors involved. clueQuest is all about engaging with your team and having fun while finding clues and solving puzzles in a clean and safe environment. So expecting parents should also be able to enjoy the experience.
Seating is available in all our rooms and players can exit the game at any time in case of an emergency.

Our escape rooms are fair-sized, however, personal experiences may vary depending on the degree of claustrophobia (mild or severe).

Upon request, we can leave the access doors to your room open during the game as this will not dampen your experience.

Some game elements (e.g. flashing lights, sound effects, time pressure etc) might be seizure triggers, however, since everyone if different, it is up to you to decide if this type of activity is right for you.

We use light effects in Revenge of the Sheep and cQ ORIGENES and sound effects in all 4 of our missions.

We play background music and sound effects during all of our games. Although PLAN52 and Operation BlackSheep can be solved without the aid of audio, Revenge of the Sheep and cQ ORIGENES are not recommended for deaf or hard of hearing players.

Yes. Please let your game host know on the day if you require the use of this facility.

Getting to clueQuest

clueQuest - The Live Escape Game, 169-171 Caledonian Road, London, N1 0SL.

Underground/Trains: King's Cross St Pancras is the nearest underground and train station (11 -14 minutes walk).

Bus stops:Carnegie Street (Bus Stop L): buses 17, 91, 259, N91

To plan your bus or underground journey or to check for service updates or line closures you can use

On street parking is available  Monday-Friday 8:30am-6:30pm and Saturday 8:30am-1:30pm. Within those times you need to pay £5 an hour. Right in front of clueQuest and opposite (In front of nisa). You can only stay up to 2 hours max (£10). Carnegie street you can stay up to 4 hours for max (£20).

If you are running late/need to cancel or you require directions on the day, please call +44 (0) 7745 590 791.