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A Tailor Made Day To Remember

Proposals, Anniversaries & Special occasions

Our escape rooms will make your occasion a moment that you’ll always remember. We go above and beyond to make sure you and your partner’s experience is one of a kind. The lead up to your big day all begins here!

If your are planning a Birthday, please check out your dedicated page!

How it works


Get in touch with our inhouse team, who will work with you to make your perfect proposal come to life.


If you would like to make your moment bespoke then we offer a range of packages/services to select from.

Special occasion

It’s now down to you! You can be confident going into your game that our team has put all your requirements in place.

Package options

We offer various packages and services that will enhance your special day.

Photo package

Our in house designers are able to whip you up a bespoke ring box that would make a lovely keepsake for years to come.

A private space is also available to hold celebrations so that you can share the moment with family and friends.

This includes things like changing the flow of game, story or brief to integrating locks and puzzles into room as part of the mission. If interested, please select this option in the form and we’ll get back to you.

Rooms we recommend

Below are the missions we recommend to play when planning your proposal.

PLAN52  London

2-6 | 9+ | 3/5


One of our secret locations has been compromised and we need you to find out who betrayed Mr Q and swapped sides.
Operation BlackSheep  London

2-6 | 9+ | 3/5

Operation BlackSheep

Infiltrate Professor BlackSheep's command centre and destroy his mind controlling satellite.

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