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Humanity 2.0

Agent Crimson and MrQ have destroyed the Alpha Brain System, but not before Professor BlackSheep managed to escape. But the Professor no longer needs that old piece of machinery. He’s now setting his sights on a new vision, Humanity 2.0, a world order where humans only have access to the intelligence they deserve.

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Mission Brief

Professor BlackSheep has retreated to his hideaway in the North Pole, known as White Hat AI, where he has built a supercomputer capable of carrying out his plans. Agent Crimson and MrQ are rejoined by Lord Hammerschmidt, MrsQ and the escaped scientist Frank Erikson. Together they are on a mission to find the Professor’s lair and shut down the weapon, and they need your help!

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Print Cut Escape

Now you can enjoy the clueQuest experience at home with our new printable escape puzzle.

3 x Missions to choose from
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Stolen IQ  London
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Stolen IQ

Help Lisa Hammerschmid track down the evil Professor BlackSheep

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Online game system
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Alpha Brain System

Help Lisa and Mr Q free the kidnapped scientist and continue the chase

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Online game system

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