Print+Cut+Escape - Humanity 2.0 escape game  London

Humanity 2.0

  • Best Print-n-Cut game 2020
  • A nail-biting final episode
  • Can be played without previous episodes
  • Smooth and engaging flow
  • Optimized cutting time
  • Highly recommended for corporate events

Mission Brief

The award-winning conclusion to the Alpha Brain saga, Humanity 2.0 takes the elements of the previous Print+Cut+Escape episodes and puts them all together for a nail-biting final episode. It was awarded the Bullseye Award for ‘Best Print-N-Cut Game’ and recommended as a must-play by ESCAPETHEROOMers. Who says the third in a trilogy is always the worst? But while it is best to play in sequence, Humanity 2.0 is self-contained and can be played without knowing the outcome of the previous episodes. The flow is smooth and engaging, optimising cutting time so you can get straight to the thick of the action. Because of this, we highly recommend this mission for corporate events - go to to find out more!


In Humanity 2.0, your mission is to help Mr Q and his team escape an army of mind-controlled sheep and locate Professor Blacksheep’s secret base. Intel suggests he has been working on a mysterious device, but his plans are as yet unknown. You must uncover the device’s secrets and put an end to the Professor’s dastardly scheme!

3/5 | 90 | 12+ | 20

Available versions

Print & Post

  • Quality B&W print
  • Silk, 120gsm paper
  • Custom folder, FREE postage

Print @ Home

  • Black and white PDF file
  • Optimised for printing

How it works

With Print + Cut + Escape you can enjoy an escape room experience from the comfort of your own home. Playing the game is easy. Simply print the file (or order the Print & Post version), cut out the puzzles and click on the secret link that we’ll send you!


Download and print the black & white PDF mission files at home. Or order the pre-printed version and we'll post it to you.


All you need are scissors. Cut out the game elements and group them by chapter.


Use your link to access the Online Game System. Assemble your team and solve the puzzles to escape.


Make the most of your purchase and buy it in a bundle.

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Trilogy Bundle  London

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Trilogy Bundle

  • Episode 1: Stolen IQ
  • Episode 2: Alpha Brain System
  • Episode 3: Humanity 2.0
  • All bundles include a fridge magnet
Family Bundle  London

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Family Bundle

  • timeQuest
  • Stolen IQ
  • Operation E.G.G.
  • Perfect choice in case the whole family wants to have fun and play together.
Variety Bundle  London

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Variety Bundle

  • Mechanics of the Heart
  • Survival Escape Training
  • Prison of Memories
  • Prepare yourself with the trainings to be able to beat the real challenge.
Everything Bundle  London

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Everything Bundle

  • The All In, 9 Games Bundle
  • Only £11 (Print@Home) / £16 (Print&Post) per game
  • Extensive experience for the most enthusiastic agents. Make a playathon with friends and family!

Great choice for WFH / international teams

We had an excellent time as a work team building exercise which isn't always easy with an international team - also helps that my team won!

Fab team activity which is online and different

First time our team virtually came together for online game. Was great as we had our team all play along in 4 different timezones... It is nothing like what anyone has played before, and really gets you thinking and working together. Really recommend for team activity.

Fun experience

Very clever how you guys put these all together. Very interactive and had a lot of fun with the team.

Unique puzzles

I love the puzzles. Very inventive and different than I have seen in other home escape games. The clues are challenging, but solvable. The hints give you just enough direction without giving the solution away. I highly recommend!

Another great escape game

Another great cut and print escape game from clueQuest! We played the game as a family and did find that, at points, some people didn’t have much to do while another couple completed a puzzle but, overall, it was logical and fun to play.

Alternately frustrating and satisfying!

Enjoyed the anagram puzzle. Really liked the ‘satellite’ interactive puzzle and the laser/mirror puzzle. Didn’t enjoy the letter deleting puzzle.


Great fun for all ages of the family - having the paper clues made it easier for everyone to collaborate

Loved it

Goooooo oooooooooooo oooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo oooooooood like really good

Great Online Escape Room

The escape room was fun and well made especially for something online. Thank you for allowing us to do this!

Great game

Very interesting game with challenging levels but not too hard when your get your brain in gear! Enjoyable and the staff were very polite and enthusiastic.

Awesome fun!!!

Amazing game from the comfort of your own home! The staff were absolutely lovely and helped us with anything. Had so much fun and will be coming back with more friends! ;)

Zoom Board Game

It was like an interactive board game over zoom. Probably (definitely) the best fun I have had over Zoom

A fun experience

It was great having Emily as the host for the game - cant solve the puzzles without her warm guidance.

brilliant, imaginative fun

Loved all three of these, a great birthday present and great way to spend a few hours, spread over a few weeks.

Great corporate entertainment!

Really enjoyable game - a good way to connect with colleagues remotely! It was testing but not too hard. Thanks for a great evening!


Print+Cut+Escape gets really creative with just paper and scissors, it's pretty impressive. Humanity 2.0 had some really clever visual/spatial puzzles. We enjoyed it a lot!

funny clever folding ++

Riddles are cleverly made, and the folding part make great mementos! Be sure to make your teammate print the documents, (and the proper one!) Or better: order the print-and-post as the package is really spyish!

Clever games, great fun

Really enjoyed the experience. Great fun, clever games with really good variety so there's something for everyone. Would recommend.

Great host, good fun, just tricky enough puzzles

Really good fun. As part of a work social, this provided a great way to get people chatting, a very welcoming host supported us through the puzzles when we hit a dead end.


Lots of fun and a great challenge. Will definitely be looking into more escape rooms from Clue Quest

Very fun!

Participated as part of a virtual work social, the experience was very enjoyable - would definitely recommend!


This was brilliant! Loved it from the beginning til the end. Very clever and creative virtual way of having fun with a group of friends or work mates.

AWESOME !!!!!!

Exciting, intriguing, and awesome!! Very happy about this experience. A team-building activity that I'll highly recommend to my friends. Many thanks to the team!


Great agents! Great team building activity really happy to have spent this time with the team and to test my escape skills again but virtually

Great Fun!

Great fun! Played with my company as a team exercise together. Good mental workout for the group and it works really nicely when done remote.

Excellent game!

We purchased and played Stolen IQ, Alpha Brain System and Humanity 2.0. We loved them! We were a group 4 and played through Zoom. It took all of our diverse skills to succeed at each game. It was a good mix of visual puzzles, logic puzzles, searching and crafting to keep us interested. The sheep were great!


Clever and tricky! Requires the right group to get together to collectively use their talents! Good challenge! Love the sheep!!

Loved it! Great at home game.

This was great. All puzzles were solvable, and some were challenging, but for the 4 of us all had puzzles that we were stronger at. It was a fun story line too - I loved the sheep!

Lots of fun

A great way to socialise with people online while doing something fun. Highly recommend for a fun social evening.

Interactive and engaging experience

I never thought escape rooms could work so well over Zoom! It was a fantastic engaging experience that I'd gladly repeat.


Very cool Escape Room, the games were amazing (especially the mirror game!). I can highly recommend the room to others :-)

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