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How to fight the lack of face to face time with our colleagues

by clueQuest

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Remember going into the office? For many people that was something we used to do (back in the Before Times) and might one day do again. For now though, we’re stuck in the strange limbo of Working From Home. But not for too long.

WFH, to be fair, has some advantages! The commute's pretty convenient, you can dress however you want (at least from the waist down) and these days there's a much higher chance of seeing cute animals during meetings.

On the other hand though distractions are everywhere, most people don’t have a fully kitted out ergonomic workstation in their homes, and - very importantly - there’s no more face-to-face connection with your colleagues.

Yes, we know, video conferencing exists - but it’s not the same! Humans are social creatures, and personal interaction helps to develop bonds and facilitate communication in a way that webcams cannot truly replicate. In fact online interactions can sometimes feel like they’re taking more away from you than you’re gaining - turns out Zoom Fatigue is a real thing.

The time is coming though when we can start meeting in person again. Maybe not in quite the same way as before - you might not be going into the office every day, huge town-hall meetings could well be a thing of the past - but seeing and speaking to colleagues (and dare we say work friends) in the flesh is certainly climbing back on the table!

So when the trigger is pulled and we do start to gather in groups once more, what are we going to do with that new-found freedom

You could have some meetings! Doesn’t sound that exciting though… Perhaps you would be better off reconnecting with your colleagues - reestablishing those all-important social bonds that are essential when it comes to functioning as a team. And that could be done in a beer garden, or it could be done in a more active, memorable way…


I mean... you are reading a blog on an escape room company’s website - you must have been expecting that! We still think it’s a good idea though - you’ve got a whole year of not seeing each other to make up for - so why not supercharge that reconnection with some excitement! And if you really do need to have that meeting then you could do so in our lovely conference room!

Of course, everyone’s situation is different, and for some people face-to-face meetings still won’t be an option. But don’t worry - we have a shameless plug for you too! Online interaction is still better than no interaction, so if you can’t physically get together with your colleagues then consider one of our Print+Cut+Escape missions instead. Hopefully that’ll keep you going until you can be reunited - and if that’s taking place in London, then maybe we’ll see you then