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Guess Who’s Back…

by clueQuest

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It’s us! We are happy to announce that since London falls into the Tier 2 category of regional lockdowns, clueQuest is able to open its doors once again. It’s so good to be able to get out of the house and see our wonderful agents again (from a reasonable distance of course).

While we’ve been away, Mr Q has organised for our whole headquarters to have a thorough deep clean, and a visit from some mysterious individuals in hazmat suits. No they’re not spies for the sinister Professor Blacksheep, they’re covering every surface with an anti-microbial spray, developed by Nordic Chem. This, coupled with regular cleaning of props, locks and surfaces from our Agents provides the safest possible environment for you to visit, along with your household (or support bubble).

To find out more about our response to the COVID19 pandemic, click here.

The holiday season is upon us, and although this year promises to be a strange one, there’s still time to get out of the house for some festive Escape Room action. We have all four of our Escape Rooms available to book now, as well as our three Virtual Escape Games, including ‘The Dagger of Time’, which was released not long before lockdown.


Even if you’re not able to drop in to save the world this Christmas, why not give some Secret Agent excitement to a friend or loved one, with one of our gift vouchers (usable all year round). Alternately, if you’re planning on spending some in-person time with loved ones over the holidays, then we recommend our Print+Cut+Escape games. They also make perfect presents for the aspiring secret agent in your life.

Looking forward to saving the world together again agents.
Over and out!