tripadvisor - Disney nor Universal Studios could pack this much fun and entertainment into 60 minutes
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clueQuest The Live Escape GAME.

Sign up for Mr Q’s 60 minute escape challenge, where he will lock you in a room...or rooms, filled with clues, puzzles, riddles and brain teasers, for you to solve. For a successful escape you will only need one power and two weapons. The power of teamwork and the deadliest weapons of them all, your brain and common sense. Well... releasing your inner detective might also help. ;) Challenge accepted? Book your escape now!

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Team Buildings

Need some team building for your company or department? clueQuest is a game where players have to unite into an efficient team to escape from the room by solving all the riddles and brain teasers.

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Do you love solving puzzles and riddles? Have you finished all escape games available online? clueQuest is the next level, where you can challenge your skills offline, in a real-life escape room.

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Friends & Families

Do you want to spend an hour playing a fun, yet challenging game? Do you need something that will entertain both you and the kids? clueQuest is a great way to spend some memorable time with your friends or family, as you work together to solve riddles and puzzles in order to escape from a room in 60 minutes.

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Students & Classes

Solving math problems doesn’t satisfy you anymore? Looking for a fun yet challenging activity with your schoolmates? clueQuest will put your mind to the test, in a hard but extremely entertaining way.