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Top 5 Things To Do At Home This Easter

by clueQuest

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Easter is the time of spring buds blooming, gorging on delicacies you’ve refused since the winter holidays, and vacating your work obligations because it’s FINALLY sunny and warm! Well, we here at clueQuest give you full permission to continue procrastinating that spring clean, and dive into these Top 5 Things To Do At Home This Easter.

1: Become an egg!

Eggs don’t have it so bad. Baby birds basically spend all of their time lazing around, immersed in warm liquid and constantly eating. We barely leave the house anyway at this stage - so why not fully embrace it? Run a bath, surround yourself with snacks, and completely ignore the outside world for a while - bliss!

2: Bake all of the things!

But what if you’re out of tasty treats? Time to make some more! Whether you’re practicing for your Bake Off application, or just showing your siblings all the different things you can bake Cream Eggs into, preheat that oven and whip up some culinary creations!

3: Gambol in the fields!

Disaster - you’re out of flour, you might actually have to leave the house… You mask up, douse yourself in hand sanitizer, and head out blinking into the sunlight. But it’s actually quite nice outside, so why not enjoy it? Spend some time appreciating nature - just be sure to keep a suitable distance from all the other humans. (Consider hissing and flapping your arms at anyone who comes too close).

4: Easter Egg Hunt!

Maybe moving around and seeing people isn’t so bad after all? Whether it’s a basket of chocolate eggs, or some of those delicious treats you made earlier, an easter egg hunt around the house or garden is sure to bring some joy for you and your bubble. 

5: Play Operation E.G.G. - clueQuest’s NEWEST Print+Cut+Escape Mission!

Obviously the best thing you could possibly do this Easter! Gather your household together, or hook up with some friends online, and test your wits. You can egg-spect new puzzles and new features to add your personal touch, all bundled up in a thrilling play-at-home escape egg-sperience! And if you are playing at home together - you can even build your Easter Egg hunt right into it - that’s two top things for the price of one!


So there you have it - five fantastic ways to enjoy yourself this Easter. Maybe we’ll see you around for some Print+Cut+Escape antics, but whatever you end up doing, we hope you have fun and stay safe!

Over and out agents,
Mr. Q