Glitch Hunters

Explore London

Gather your A-team of 2-8 people and embark on an outdoor escape game adventure in the City of London.
Glitch Hunters

Under bright skies

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of central London while you are trying to close this thrilling case with friends and family.
Glitch Hunters

Bring your phone

Grab your spy gadgets (aka your phones) and use it for both navigation and solving escape room-style puzzles.

Unique Outdoor Adventure

About 4,000 steps in the picturesque Central London.

Take a break anytime for a coffee or a refreshment

Fully automated hint system so you're never stuck with a puzzle

Turn your phone into a spy gadget and solve the mystery.


Book now | Play anytime you want

  • Book now and play anytime you want
  • Adventure in the City of London
  • 2-3 hours spy escape game

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"It's a great way to get to know the city" | Reviews

I would highly recommend Glitch Hunters to other people, I've been already recommending clueQuest escape rooms for everyone who asks me for escape game recommendations in London. And something to do outdoors is just a great experience!
I loved the walk around the City of London. It was awesome to see places that I haven't seen before and details you wouldn't pay attention to unless you are playing this game.
The thing I liked the most about Glitch Hunters was that it still has all the fun of being an escape room, you still get all the puzzles, all the challenges you're still under a bit of time pressure but it's relaxed you get to take in the sights of London and it's just a different way to look at the world and pick things apart. It was so much fun!
I would absolutely recommend Glitch Hunters, especially to people who want to get to know London and don't know where to start. I think it's a great way to get to know the city.
I would definitely recommend the Glitch Hunters experience to all my friends. It is in an excellent part of London, it is spacious, safe and has lovely scenery. You find out about bits of London that you've never seen before and it's all integrated with the puzzles themselves. Excellent experience!

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Glitch Hunters | FAQ

The game takes place on public streets - so yes, you can technically play it at any time! We don't recommend playing it after dark however, partly for your own safety and partly because it will be harder to see things!

Once you've paid for your game you will automaticaly be sent an email that contains a link to your game. You can start playing as soon as you receive that email! (Assuming you're in the right area of course.)

The game is set in the City of London - so how busy it is varies hugely depending on the time and the day. On weekdays it can be very busy at lunchtime and after work (from around 17:00 to 18:00). On the weekends it is very quiet, but many of the shops, bars and cafes will not be open.

The game can be played with a single device, but for ease of playing we recommend having at least two. Parts of the game are much easier if your team can look at two different things at the same time!

The route is step free and suitable for players with limited mobility except for one street which is quite steep and bumpy (cobbled road). For this one street we have a clearly labelled alternative route which is flatter. The alternative route doesn't skip any puzzles or story points, it just misses out on some nice views.

Absolutely - you can pause the game at any point (apart from right at the end) and come back to it later.

Nothing in the game is unsuitable for children - so as long as they like puzzles and/or walking, they'll be fine!

About 3km - depending on how much you wander around solving certain puzzles!

The game starts by Cannon Street station in London. Mansion House, Bank and Monument stations are all less than 5 minutes walk away. It finishes close by as well - no spoilers, but it's less than a 10 minute walk to get back to any of those stations!

Not at all - in fact this could be a lovely introduction to the sort of puzzles you might find in an escape room in a less pressured enviroment!

If your team has multiple phones, then you can carry on as a team as long as you have at least one remaining phone. If you all run out of battery then you'll have to recharge and then come back. If that's likely to happen then we'd recommend pausing the game, as otherwise the clock will keep ticking up while you're away! If you do stop and come back later then the game will be waiting exactly where you left it.

We definitely recommend making sure your phone is fully charged, and bringing a power pack if you have one - just in case!

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