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Enjoy an escape game experience from the comfort of your own home.

  • Fun experience for the family
  • The story based on time travel
  • Intriguing and exciting adventure
  • Comic book style designs
  • Recommended for young and young at heart agents
  • Perfect pick for birthday party

Mission Brief

If you’re looking for a fun-filled experience for the whole family, then look no further! timeQuest is an intriguing and exciting adventure into the world of time travel and the origins of time for agents of all ages. It combines striking comic book style designs, stylish animated videos and puzzles that agents both young and old can get stuck into - a perfect pick for a kid’s birthday party! A full colour version of this mission is also available, so those visuals can really pop! It’s said that you don’t grow up, you just forget how to play; this mission will help you remember and bring young agents into the world of escape experiences.


Your mission in timeQuest is to help Mr & Mrs Q stop the troublesome twosome known as the Earlybirds from altering the fabric of time. With the help of specialist Dr Imani Chronos, you will have to follow them on a journey through time, putting right their meddling before time as we know it is history!

3/5 | 90 | 8+ | 26

Available versions

Print & Post | £25

  • Quality print with rich colours
  • Silk, 120gsm paper
  • Custom folder, FREE postage

Print @ Home | £15

  • Printable black and white PDF file
  • Optimised for printing
  • Instant e-delivery

How it works

With Print + Cut + Escape you can enjoy an escape game experience from the comfort of your own home. Playing the game is easy. Simply print the file (or order the Print & Post version), cut out the puzzles and click on the secret link that we’ll send you!


Download and print the black & white PDF mission files at home. Or order the pre-printed version and we'll post it to you.


All you need are scissors. Cut out the game elements and group them by chapter.


Use your link to access the Online Game System. Assemble your team and solve the puzzles to escape.

Why this escape game?

Easy to prepare

All you have to do in preparation is print the PDF and cut out the elements of the game with scissors.

Educational, skills development

Solving the puzzles develops lateral thinking, team work, spatial vision, communication and teaches about the concept of time.

tq-mrq.png Play at home puzzle game

Online Game System

Interactive multimedia content which makes the gaming experience much more exciting and colorful.

Play over zoom
or at home

Great to play in person with your team or over zoom from multiple locations. Read our blog post on how to set up a zoom escape party here.


Make the most of your purchase and buy it in a bundle.

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Trilogy Bundle Play at home puzzle game Learn more

Trilogy Bundle

  • Episode 1: Stolen IQ
  • Episode 2: Alpha Brain System
  • Episode 3: Humanity 2.0
Family Bundle Play at home puzzle game Learn more

Family Bundle

  • timeQuest
  • Stolen IQ
  • Falling Star
  • Perfect choice in case the whole family wants to have fun and play together.
Variety Bundle Play at home puzzle game Learn more

Variety Bundle

  • Mechanics of the Heart
  • Operation E.G.G.
  • Prison of Memories
  • Prepare yourself with the trainings to be able to beat the real challenge.
Everything Bundle Play at home puzzle game Learn more

Everything Bundle

  • The All In, 10 Games Bundle
  • Only £11 (Print@Home) / £16 (Print&Post) per game
  • Extensive experience for the most enthusiastic agents. Make a playathon with friends and family!

Rated by 1200+ players

Super Fun Scout Activity

Amazing! We ran this as a scout evening and the scouts absolutely loved it! Perfect amount of challenge and managed to fill the whole 2hr session perfectly! I would also like to thank Alex within customer support who helped us reset our link after we... more

Time Quest Home Challenge

We did the time quest home challenge and had great fun, very challenging and a good laugh! Great for team work, a good evenings entertainment!

Fun Game!

This game was F.U.N. Fun! The puzzles are challenging but achievable. The online system works well and is entertaining. All in all, a worth while experience.


It was amazing and entertaing for my family on my amazing birthday party I will definetly try another one

Great family challenge

Really helps to cut everything out before starting and Sellotape is also really useful at the end. It is challenging and different people see things in different ways which made it a great family game.



Adventurous and Exciting

It's difficult but at the end, its not that hard. Thanks for making this wonderful quest game for us! We really love it so much, it's so adventurous and exciting!

It was great

It was a fun experience. The tasks were challenging, but absolutely solvable. For me, it really created the offline escape room vibe. Showing the small pictures for the rest of the team can be difficult,

Awesome family game

Fun for the whole family! 48-year-old dad, 45-year-old mom, 12-year-old older brother, and 10-year-old me

great game for families

This is AWESOME!!! It was a little more complicated than we expected, but it was very cleverly put together.

Escape room experience online

I am impressed by how well this can work online. The difficulty was just right, we caught on to most puzzles quickly and spent a little more time on one or two harder ones. A fun afternoon activity, I do recommend it.

Great experience

It was a great experience. We loved playing this game. The team was really nice and helpful during the game. We managed to save the World.

It was fun

Too much paper is used. It's really not nature friendly. The quests are great, but a bit easy for my taste. Also, they've let us print it for ourselves and the last quest with the map was barely visible for me sadly.

A blast for all ages!

So much fun! We played timeQuest and had a blast! It was challenging and really got us thinking. We can't wait to do more!

Escaping Together despite a 5,000-Mile Divide

This story (timeQuest) was our favorite of three Print+Cut we have completed (with Stolen IQ and Mechanics of the Heart). The puzzles were all very logical and creatively produced. The story was also endearing and went well with the puzzles (as usual... more

Mystery solved!

Brilliant family activity. Challenging clues but nothing impossible. Everyone, from the 9 year old to the 31 year old, enjoyed playing and solving the mystery! The clock counting up rather than down was a nice way to stop it becoming too stressful.

Agent Alex was great!

Alex was brilliant, and made the game really enjoyable with just the right amount of hints and help.

Fun Zoom Birthday Experience

Did this for my son's 10th birthday on Zoom. It was really well done. A bit hard at times, we should have used clues more rapidly. All in all it was a great way to celebrate with friends and family during our lockdown.

Great game!

The game was very enjoyable. I found the difficulty level to be hard enough to make it feel like an accomplishment when the problems are solved and easy enough to not be frustrating and accessible. The agents/game makers were absolutely wonderful (pl... more

The secret agent training was a tough, but fun experience!

It was really fun and challenging. The puzzles have been really diversified and it worked out pretty well to solve those in a virtual way :)


Save the universe from a catastrophic time paradox


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