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Why new experiences bond us with those we love

by clueQuest

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As we prepare for the all-important day when we can finally welcome you back to clueQuest HQ, we started wondering about the things that helped us get through the last year and a bit. There's the obvious stuff of course - the internet, cheese, the not-so-occasional glass of wine - but one thing popped out that is maybe a bit less obvious: memories and anticipation.

As human beings - memories are important to us. It’s why we take photos and buy souvenirs, why a fridge magnet or a mug can be worth far more to us than its physical value - because it reminds us of a wonderful experience and strengthens the bond with those we love.

Sadly, for many of us, those times have been hard to come by recently - which is where the anticipation comes in. Because soon (fingers crossed) we can do these things again!

Here in England we’ve already taken the first steps - we can meet up with actual human beings now, albeit in limited numbers and only outdoors - and it’s pretty great to share a drink with friends without a webcam being involved! But it’s also made us thirsty for more - to get out into the world and actually do stuff!

But what stuff? In our humble opinion there’s no better way to create lasting memories than shared, in-person experiences, so here are some of our top picks for you:

  • Play an escape room (obviously!)
  • Stay up to watch the sunrise 
  • Go to a magic show 
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • Jump out of a plane! (With a parachute of course) 
  • Hand feed some exotic animals at the zoo 
  • Go on a hike and explore nature 
  • Learn how to do archery 
  • Did we mention playing an escape room? (We're big fans!) 

Now it goes without saying that we here at clueQuest are VERY EXCITED about the prospect of seeing our top notch agents in person once again from 17th May but we bet that you are even more thrilled to share new experiences with those you love. We’ve made some changes of course, safety is important and we’re taking that very seriously, but the core of what we do remains unchanged - we help you to make happy memories!


So if you’re in or near London, and you love escape rooms, or maybe you’ve never tried an escape room but you want to do something exciting and memorable with the people you care about, then we would love to see you in our Kings Cross headquarters.

And if you’re further afield and a trip to London isn’t a safe option right now, then why not snap up one of one our play at home games to create new memories with your loved ones? We’d love to see you in person in the future but until then we hope you keep experiencing wonderful new things - ☕ whatever your cup of tea is!