Cover picture Operation BlackSheep Escape Room in London

Operation BlackSheep
clueQuest's escape room mission

Professor BlackSheep, Mr Q's arch nemesis, has been scheming and plotting against our agency and the whole of mankind. The Professor has built and launched a satellite into Earth’s orbit, capable of controlling all human minds.

Create unique memories

Embark on an epic, unforgettable escape adventure and share an escape room experience with your friends and family.


Mission Brief

Agents, beware! Launching the missile into the satellite will trigger the command center’s self-destruct sequence. You will have only 60 Minutes to destroy the satellite until it goes online and then to evacuate the command center before it self-destructs. You and your team will be sent behind enemy lines with the mission to infiltrate into the Professor’s command center, hack into his system and obtain the missile codes in order to destroy the satellite once and for all.

2-6 | 3/5

Why this escape game?


3 x Escape room units in London with up to 6 players per unit.
Total capacity: 18 players per session.


Suitable for players with hearing loss, and for all ages (9 and older). We have wheelchair accessible copies of all missions.

pbs-button.png Operation BlackSheep Escape Room in London

Recommended for

Escape room game rookies and veteran players alike.

Mission type

Hi-tech escape room with a mixed linear and non-linear set-up, perfect for keeping everyone on your team busy.


It was me and my partners first escape rooms and we had an amazing time, really cool rooms and our agent Cameron was great and guided us through the rooms with helpful clues when needed.

Highest quality escape room experience!

Best escape room experience that I've had so far. Lots of puzzles and a great theme. Production quality was awesome! Our host Rowen was awesome and professional.

Brilliant escape room!

We did Operation Blacksheep as a family (the group was aged between 5 and 72) and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The game was really well thought out and great quality. We've done a few escape rooms and this was one of the very best we've se... more

Great experience

Really enjoyed the escape room, lots to decode and work out, our party had two children and they also enjoyed themselves and participated. We all tried to bring something to the party. Georges was a really good host and very helpful when we got stu... more

The ideal Birthday treat

Very exciting! From the moment the door is locked. Great clues all part of the story. You certainly need your thinking cap on.

Great experience

This was by far the best escape room I have done to date. Very well put together clues. Highly recommend it.

Great fun!

We had a great time, really enjoyed all the extra little twists and surprises as we went through! Worked great for two people but I’m sure it would’ve worked well for more too

Professor Blacksheep didn't stop us!

Operation Blacksheep..
Our first room of the day and we were ably guided through the details by the lovely Nadia. Once inside we were very impressed by the layout and detail in every puzzle. As we were a team of 3 we knew we had to work quickly. Cl... more

Brilliant escape room experience

We have done escape rooms before but not clueQuest & this was certainly one of the best. Well organised, lots of logic & fun. Staff were great & helpful if required. We actually escaped which was extremely satisfying!! Definitely visit clueQuest & we... more

Stop Professor BlackSheep!

We were a group of 4 experienced escape room veterans. The room was not unnecessarily complicated, which was excellent, and we solved it in 50 minutes. Would recommend it! Also, Rio was an excellent "spy handler".

Amazing experoence

Excellent escape room and entertainment with amazing staff who enhanced the experience for the whole family


Brilliant first escape room experience. Would recommend to anyone who fancies an hour of fun and laughter.

Operation BlackSheep was a success!

Had a really great time with our friends! Really great escape room, I will come back to try out the other rooms! Also, Rio from ClueQuest was very nice to us, explaining the rules and encouraging us.

Great family entertainment

Our first Escape Room and we loved it! Of course the fact that we saved the world also made our day!

Awesome !

An excellent team bonding experience . It was fun from beginning to end.
Highly recommended not only for work it would be fun as a family event too

So much fun and so clever.

Very clever but also challenging even for 5 adults, so much fun! It’s one of the hardest escape rooms I’ve come across full of puzzles and numbers so do this one if that is your thing.

Great experience, highly recommend!

My wife and I came to London for a weekend visit and decided to try out ClueQuest. We did ALL four rooms and we absolutely loved it. This is our 18th room this year and the rooms at ClueQuest are the best we've done so far! Our game masters (we got 4... more

Excellent escape room

Excellent escape room, some help was given when needed but not too much which really made us work hard and figure out the clues. Staff were really friendly with no hiccups.

Brillint fun for the family

Great fun for the family. Everyone got involved. Hard to get started if you've not done it before but we all got into it. Staff members were great.


It was a really fun time and involved cool puzzles. I will revisit in the future for another mission!

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