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Survival Escape Training
Enjoy an escape game experience from the comfort of your own home.

  • Originally released for Halloween
  • Less serious puzzling challenge
  • Perfect fun with your friends
  • Light-hearted, humorous entertainment
  • Supernatural spice to the evening
  • Learn to deal with spooky surprises

Mission Brief

Following numerous reports of maniacal monstrosities terrorizing neighborhoods across the world, we present this emergency training course for all field agents - including you!

This game was originally released as the "Halloween Survival Escape Training" episode, with the hope of adding some hilarity to a host of Halloween parties. But once the event had been and gone we thought, "Why limit it to just one day?" and so we re-christened it "Survival Escape Training".

Compared to some of our other missions this is less of a serious puzzling challenge and more of a light-hearted (and hopefully humorous) hunk of entertainment. So if you're looking to add some supernatural spice to an otherwise empty evening this is definitely the game for you!

Take the tests and learn how to deal with a whole host of spooky surprises - including cunning vampires hiding among us, mad scientists with their creepy creations, and hungry zombies out for your brains!

Available in black and white (print at home) or in full colour (by post).

3.14/5 | 90 | 12+ | 26

Available versions

Survival Escape Training Play at home puzzle game
Survival Escape Training Play at home puzzle game

Print & Post | £25

  • Quality print with rich colours
  • Silk, 120gsm paper
  • Custom folder, FREE postage

Print @ Home | £15

  • Printable black and white PDF file
  • Optimised for printing
  • Instant e-delivery

How it works

With Print + Cut + Escape you can enjoy an escape game experience from the comfort of your own home. Playing the game is easy. Simply print the file (or order the Print & Post version), cut out the puzzles and click on the secret link that we’ll send you!


Download and print the black & white PDF mission files at home. Or order the pre-printed version and we'll post it to you.


All you need are scissors. Cut out the game elements and group them by chapter.


Use your link to access the Online Game System. Assemble your team and solve the puzzles to escape.


Make the most of your purchase and buy it in a bundle.

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Trilogy Bundle Play at home puzzle game Learn more

Trilogy Bundle

  • Episode 1: Stolen IQ
  • Episode 2: Alpha Brain System
  • Episode 3: Humanity 2.0
Family Bundle Play at home puzzle game Learn more

Family Bundle

  • timeQuest
  • Stolen IQ
  • Falling Star
  • Perfect choice in case the whole family wants to have fun and play together.
Variety Bundle Play at home puzzle game Learn more

Variety Bundle

  • Mechanics of the Heart
  • Operation E.G.G.
  • Prison of Memories
  • Prepare yourself with the trainings to be able to beat the real challenge.
Everything Bundle Play at home puzzle game Learn more

Everything Bundle

  • The All In, 10 Games Bundle
  • Only £11 (Print@Home) / £16 (Print&Post) per game
  • Extensive experience for the most enthusiastic agents. Make a playathon with friends and family!

Fun experience

A good well thought out game with good video and puzzles. At times it was a case of one person solving things and not easy for others to be involved e.g. crystals (tangrams). Perhaps recommend the crystals are printed twice and then more than one c... more


Good game, definitely challenged us, need to be careful with cutting and also very heavy on ink even in BW printing mode.

BRAINS, world

My nine year old daughter and I really enjoyed this one. Puzzles were relatively straightforward, but that didn't detract from the experience. Once again, the art style is good at hiding the clues, which are full of "aha" experiences, even if they... more

A really good chance for us to all work together

We played the zombie survival escape game as a whole school experience. We are a tiny centre and played together as a group with small breakout groups within. It held our attention the whole time and we found the games to be really interesting and fu... more

zombie escape

Great online event and good entry level for others looking to get involved in these type of games. Videos are helpfully put together.

CQ is the best

Thank you ! CQ is best!!!
Difficulty : Intense ( I can get past intense rated, but needs to think from TooHard )
difficulties from easy to hard : easy medium hard difficult challenging intense toohard )
So so so so so good, recommended for first e... more

It's Always Spooky Season

This was my third clueQuest play at home game. The game was released for Halloween and I did not play it then, but I would definitely recommend it for light puzzling in October.

Fun puzzles

Good fun on a rainy Halloween morning. We enjoyed solving the puzzles - some were harder than others.

Try this out because...

It was challenging but very fun to do as a family together. We really enjoyed this and it tested our brains!

Rated by 1200+ players

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