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Top Valentine’s Day Gift to Save Romance - and the World! ❤️

by clueQuest

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Stuck in on Valentine’s Day? Need a new idea besides red roses and oversized teddy bears? clueQuest has just the thing to make your Valentine’s Day perfect (and win you some cheeky Brownie Points points with your partner!) ❤️

Why not treat yourselves to one of our Print+Cut+Escape games and experience the thrill of being top secret spies, like our own power couple Mr & Mrs Q. Our Print+Cut+Escape games have been proven to connect families, friends and co-workers and, believe it or not, escape games are now in the Top 5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas. 

Looking for a last minute Valentine’s gift? Our missions and puzzles can be printed at home and played on demand! They will let you leave the real world behind and what could be more romantic than saving the world together!

Need to spice up your Remote Valentine’s Date? You can also play Print+Cut+Escape over Zoom. If you’re not sure how to do this, here’s some tips on how to make it a date night to remember:

How to host a virtual escape game party with your friends on Zoom

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but shared experiences make the heart grow stronger! ❤️


Wishing you all the best for Valentine’s Day, agents! Over and out.

Mr Q, Mrs Q and the clueQuest team