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Lift Youth Hub Visits clueQuest

By Freya Carroll

During December we raised money for Lift, a youth hub based in Islington that provides vital services for young people. We filled a giant advent calendar with goodies and locked each door with a padlock - just £3 would give you the key to open a door and discover what was inside. We managed to raise an astonishing £1000 for Lift, and bought them many items from their wishlist! This culminated in Lift coming to play a game here at clueQuest and finding all their gifts in the final room! 

Our Intrepid Reporter also sat down with Judith, the Senior Youth Manager at Lift, to chat about the good that Lift does for the community.

clueQuest Gets a Fresh Coat

By Freya Carroll

Every March and April, spring cleaning is the phrase on everyone’s lips. Well, clueQuest is always ahead of the curve, and so we’ve decided now is the perfect time to give our rooms a coat of paint! Our Gamesmakers have been busy sprucing everything up ready for future agents.

clueQuest is made up of many people, from the Gamesmakers who run our missions, to the visiting agents who come to save the world. One pair who keep clueQuest running smoothly is our customer service team, Jonnie and Ophelie. Our Intrepid Reporter sat down with them to discover who exactly it is on the other side of the phone...

New Year, New Clue!

By Freya Carroll

A new year is the perfect opportunity to start afresh, and what better way to do that than by making a resolution? We’re a week into 2023, but if you’re still searching for ideas, here’s what some of our agents have decided to stick to this year!

Falling Star is rising again!

By Andy Tucker

Falling Star is back with an updated online game system for a great puzzle experience. We’re very proud of this new incarnation - it has some fiendishly fun puzzles, and it’s one of the best looking games we’ve ever made. A lot of sweat and tears has gone into this (thankfully not much blood) and we really hope that many more of you will get to enjoy it now.

Thanksgiving at clueQuest

By Freya Carroll

Thanksgiving: a day when our neighbours across the pond come together to celebrate gratitude and family connections. Well, Thanksgiving may not be celebrated here in England, but we at clueQuest certainly have lots to be thankful for! At this time of communal gratitude, let’s consider and give thanks for everything that allows clueQuest to provide such amazing and memorable experiences, time and time again.

The Professor Presents: Bonfire Night

By Freya Carroll

Attention, reader. Professor Blacksheep here. Whilst Mr Q’s back was turned, I snuck onto the clueQuest server and am here to wreak some damage! How, you ask? By telling you exactly how to… celebrate Bonfire Night this year! Of course, you’ve already (foolishly) decided to go to clueQuest on November 5th to ‘have a great time saving the world’, so here are a few things to make your adventure more mind blowing, ha!

Come in Costume, Win a Free Magnet!

By Freya Carroll

At clueQuest, we love Halloween, and this year, we want to give you PUMPKIN to talk about! This weekend, 29th-31st October, every person who comes to clueQuest in costume will get a free team magnet! Got a fab-boo-lous costume? Come and show it off and collect your prize!

clueQuest: a Top Ten Destination!

By Freya Carroll

At clueQuest, we love to deliver memorable and exciting entertainment every day. We’re very proud of our winning customer service and inventive games, and when reporters from The Sun arrived at clueQuest to put us to the test, we’re pleased to say they left impressed!

Humans of clueQuest: Celia Saves the Day

By Freya Carroll

Humans of clueQuest is all about the sweet and hilarious stories our Gamesmakers see through CCTV in our escape room games. In this one, Agent Celia tells the story of an especially super team.

Mr Q's Picks: Back to School

By Freya Carroll

The new school year has started once again, and with it comes the standard questions: does last year’s uniform fit? Where are my child’s school shoes? How can I make this year stand out above all others as a precious memory that I’ll treasure for years to come? Well, we can’t tell you where your child’s pencil case has ended up, but we can give you some suggestions for making this September one to remember.

It takes a top team to save the world, and we here at clueQuest are very lucky to have our Gamesmakers! Each one is a highly trained agent equipped with everything needed to defeat the evil Professor Blacksheep. They have their gadgets and their intel, but today, we want to celebrate the most important tool in their arsenal… their teddy bears!

Humans of clueQuest: My Little Zeynep

By Freya Carroll

Humans of clueQuest is all about the sweet and hilarious stories our Gamesmakers see through CCTV in our escape room games. In this one, Agent Zeynep shares the story of an agent who wanted to make everyone’s day a little more magical.

Make Your Own clueQuest Summer Drinks

By Freya Carroll

With the last days of August upon us, many agents are coming to clueQuest to complete a mission for Mr Q as the perfect summer memory. But what is the best way to celebrate a successful mission? Our secret mixologists have been hard at work, and have created four fantastic drinks inspired by our clueQuest missions that you can make at home.

For many years, clueQuest has been a top destination for schools looking for an exciting experience for their students. But what is it that so many students love about their time here? Our Intrepid Reporter sat down with a few teachers and students to pick their brains about their recent clueQuest experience.

Mr Q's Picks: Summer Fun

By Freya Carroll

There’s a hundred and four days of summer vacation, then school comes along just to end it. So the annual problem for clueQuest agents is finding a good way to spend it… We’ve come up with a list of great activities to do this summer, all with the aim of having a great time in the (much longed for) English sunshine!

Humans of clueQuest is all about the sweet and hilarious stories our Gamesmakers see through CCTV in our escape room games. In this one, Agent Brent remembers a time an agent came for some ahead-of-time training.

For the ninth year in a row, clueQuest has been awarded a TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award! We are proudly in the top 10% of attractions worldwide, and we couldn’t be happier. So what is it that puts us on top every year? Why do so many people leave us five star ratings and glowing reviews?

Our Intrepid Reporter: the PCE experts

By Freya Carroll

In 2020, clueQuest brought to life an innovative new look at the universe of Mr Q - the Print+Cut+Escape! Now, two years later, Our Intrepid Reporter sits down with two of the brains behind the magic to find out how it all happens, and most importantly, to learn about the newest addition to the clueQuest universe.

From the first to the fifteenth of June, all proceeds raised from magnets sold at clueQuest have gone to Micro Rainbow, a London based organisation dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and refugees.