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Whether you know your real clues from red herrings and already have an established crew for trying out new games or you have just recently discovered the exciting world of escape rooms, our missions are a must on every self-respecting enthusiast’s list.

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Enthusiast reviews

The Logic Escapes Me

For me, clueQuest are the number one escape room company in London (and from my relatively limited experience) anywhere else. From their humble start in 2013 they've steadily grown - moving venues as necessary to add new rooms and new games.

Room Escape Artist

A few years ago we did the Operation BlackSheep mission at ClueQuest in London, which was particularly good. It had a really compelling atmosphere and set dressing with great use of sound and lighting; my favorite ones are definitely when you feel almost like you’re on a film set!

The Travel Hack

If you’re looking for something different to do in London then I highly recommend clueQuest. Be prepared to use your brain in a whole new way and look at things differently to make sure you defeat Professor Blacksheep.

Two Bears Life

We had a really good time in “Revenge of the sheep”. The only big regret was that we did not have time to play all of their rooms. I like that they have their own mascots Mr. Q and Blacksheep. They can not only be found in (almost) all their games, but also all over their lobby decorations – which is really smart.

London Escapists

Team Amaze returned for its second and my third visit to clueQuest. Revenge of the Sheep gets a well-deserved perfect score and earns our inaugural “Generally Awesome” award. Style and build quality top notch. It is one constant wow from start to finish.

Escape The Review

clueQuest are clearly a professional outfit and whilst the initial welcome might be a bit rushed, the staff clearly try to take care of you once you get going. With Revenge of the Sheep, they had clearly put a lot of effort into a locked box style puzzle that worked perfectly and was suprisingly enjoyable.

Best team times (remaining time, no clues)

1 31 min. 36 sec. 31 min. 26 sec. 25 min. 09 sec. 22 min. 24 sec.
2 30 min. 21 sec. 30 min. 23 sec. 24 min. 24 sec. 21 min. 15 sec.
3 27 min. 39 sec. 27 min. 52 sec. 24 min. 20 sec. 21 min. 10 sec.
4 27 min. 06 sec. 27 min. 47 sec. 23 min. 35 sec. 20 min. 05 sec.
5 27 min. 04 sec. 27 min. 31 sec. 22 min. 33 sec. 18 min. 38 sec.


PLAN52 Escape Room for Enthusiasts London

2-6 | 9+ | 3/5


One of our secret locations has been compromised and we need you to find out who betrayed Mr Q and swapped sides.
Operation BlackSheep Escape Room for Enthusiasts London

2-6 | 9+ | 3/5

Operation BlackSheep

Infiltrate Professor BlackSheep's command centre and destroy his mind controlling satellite.
Revenge of the Sheep Escape Room for Enthusiasts London

3-6 | 14+ | 4/5

Revenge of the Sheep

Stop Professor BlackSheep and his evil sidekick, Kevin, by deactivating their vicious SheepMutator.
cQ ORIGENES Escape Room for Enthusiasts London

3-6 | 14+ | 5/5


Shrink your way into Mr Q's original base and sabotage Professor BlackSheep's plan to leak agents' identities.
Escape The Lost Pyramid Escape Room for Enthusiasts London

2-4 | 16+ | 2.5/5

Escape The Lost Pyramid

Find your way out of the pyramid of Nebka in Ubisoft's virtual reality escape game, taking place in the world of Assassin's Creed Origins.
Beyond Medusa's Gate Escape Room for Enthusiasts London

2-4 | 16+ | 3.5/5

Beyond Medusa's Gate

Find the ancient artefact that has been hidden somewhere in the Peloponnese peninsula in Ubisoft's virtual reality escape game, taking place in the world of Assassin's Creed Odyssey.
The Dagger Of Time Escape Room for Enthusiasts London

2-4 | 16+ | 5/5

The Dagger Of Time

Prince of Persia: The Dagger Of Time is a virtual reality escape game that enables you to experience time control. You will be able to experience something impossible in real life: to slow, stop or even rewind time!

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