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The best lockdown activities

by clueQuest

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Unfortunately we find ourselves in lockdown again which is not an easy situation but we are here to help. We have collected some activities and ideas to get you through.

Netflix and chill

Do your friends keep telling you to watch this series or recommend a particular film? Well now is the time for a series or movie marathon! Order some takeaway or grab some snacks, switch the television on and relax. We recommend The Queen's Gambit, Escape plan, Prison Break, Enola Holmes, The Imitation Game. Can you spot the link?

Try new hobbies

Have you wanted to try a new hobby but kept putting it off? Maybe it was painting or drawing, poetry or even sculpting. Now is the time!

Listen to podcasts

Take 30 minutes or an hour to settle down and switch off or you can do this during boring activities like the ironing! Browse the net for interesting podcasts on a wide variety of topics. You could learn something new, hear interesting theories or just laugh along to some comedy.

Cooking or baking

With the new series of The Great British Bake Off heading towards the quarter finals stage and lots of cookery shows on tv we cannot think of a more pleasant and useful pastime, and we’re sure that Mary Berry, Jamie Oliver and the Hairy Bikers would agree. The end result is also really tasty, As long as you don't burn it! 


Video games

A great way to leave everyday life behind and become a pirate or Spiderman or even just look after your village and its animals. There is a huge variety of video games to choose from these days and many providers offer free access for a limited time.


Do you always say you don't have time to read? Well you cannot use that excuse anymore. Grab a magazine or look for a book that interests you and before long you’ll be glued to the pages and won’t be able to put it down. A bookworm you shall be!

Online party with friends

Now that we cannot meet in person we can use the internet to catch up with our friends or see our family. We’re all experts on Zoom now surely?!  Set a date, make a cup of tea/coffee and you can chat away to your heart's content. 

Sing and dance

It doesn't matter if you are alone or with your family, don't be shy! Compile a playlist with your favorite songs. It’s proven that this relieves stress and releases endorphins to make you happy! If you don’t believe us, look up the science online. 


Meditation, relaxation or a home Spa Day. Take care of yourself during this time. Mind, body and soul.

Play escape games

We know you’ll miss playing escape rooms in real life and of course we would recommend our play at home Print+Cut+Escape games. Not just a fun activity, these games have a lot of benefits too. You Can also play with friends via Zoom. A great shared lockdown experience!