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Operation E.G.G.

  • Personalise the game with your own in-jokes*
  • Include your own Scavenger Hunt
  • Challenging puzzles, but not too EGG-STREME!
*Will they be better than these top-quality egg jokes though?

Mission Brief

As any hard-boiled detective knows, it’s important to keep your sleuthing skills at the top of their game. Luckily, the egg-heads over at clueQuest HQ have developed this training course for all our agents. So scramble together a team and get ready to foil the villainous Professor Blacksheep as he attempts to poach our latest technological marvel - the Elastic Gateway Generator.

3/5 | 90 | 8+ | 20

Give It A Personal Touch

Operation E.G.G features not just one, but two options for customising your gaming egg-sperience. (Please note that these are options, if you want to play it as it is then you totally can!)

1. Make your fellow agents smile by slipping in a few in-jokes or personal references.

  • Anytime before starting the game, replace some of the in-game text with your own words, guided by our webform.

2. Double up the fun by incorporating a Scavenger Hunt into your game.

  • Find three secret places in your house (or wherever you’re playing) and hide some treats.
  • Come up with some cunning clues to guide your teammates to the tasty treasures.
  • Use our webform to add your clues to the game. You can add one custom message between every chapter - so use it well!

Available versi🥚ns

Operation E.G.G. pages  London
Operation E.G.G. pages  London

Print & Post

  • Quality print with rich colours
  • Silk, 120gsm paper
  • Custom folder, FREE postage

Print @ Home

  • Black and white PDF file
  • Optimised for printing

How it works

With Print + Cut + Escape you can enjoy an escape room experience from the comfort of your own home. Playing the game is easy. Simply print the file (or order the Print & Post version), cut out the puzzles and click on the secret link that we’ll send you!


Download and print the black & white PDF mission files at home. Or order the pre-printed version and we'll post it to you.


All you need are scissors. Cut out the game elements and group them by chapter.


Use your link to access the Online Game System. Assemble your team and solve the puzzles to escape.


Make the most of your purchase and buy it in a bundle.

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Trilogy Bundle  London

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Trilogy Bundle

  • Episode 1: Stolen IQ
  • Episode 2: Alpha Brain System
  • Episode 3: Humanity 2.0
  • All bundles include a fridge magnet
Family Bundle  London

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Family Bundle

  • timeQuest
  • Stolen IQ
  • Operation E.G.G.
  • Perfect choice in case the whole family wants to have fun and play together.
Variety Bundle  London

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Variety Bundle

  • Mechanics of the Heart
  • Survival Escape Training
  • Prison of Memories
  • Prepare yourself with the trainings to be able to beat the real challenge.
Everything Bundle  London

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Everything Bundle

  • The All In, 9 Games Bundle
  • Only £11 (Print@Home) / £16 (Print&Post) per game
  • Extensive experience for the most enthusiastic agents. Make a playathon with friends and family!

Fun Print + Cut

I really enjoyed playing through Operation E.G.G. I liked that the cutting was simple shapes (rectangles and circles), but the manipulations were still fun. Highly recommend!

It was fun but we had to have a little help from adults.

I would recomend to do this over a couple of days and to do this with an adult because it was quite hard.

Shelled out for the game and didn't get fried!

All worked perfectly and we finished in 2hrs 21mins. Lucky or the YOLK would have been on us! OK maybe too many puns about eggs in the game!

Great puzzles but not for youngster.

Puzzles were good, but my children found them quite difficult especially the last puzzle, putting the actual puzzle together took a good 25+ mins for them by which time they had had enough and were not focused enough on solving the final clue. This was not suitable for 8-year-olds even with help as apart from a couple of the puzzles they really didn't seem engaged as they relied on the hints for every single puzzle and then lost interest and engagement. I would say 12+ if you want them to enjoy the game. Not for younger players, and has a heavy reliance on the computer something I was hoping to get them away from.

Good play at home game with great animation and storyline

It was a great game, however it was very hard and difficult with few players. Good variation and spacing of the chapters. The videos and animation is amazing and the provided PDF was easy to follow in regards to cutting. We were invited to play but looking at the prices, definitely worth it.

Great detective game!

Super family fun and we hope to do another one soon! Hints are very good, timer option useful to leave and come back to it :-)

Mindboggling Escape

Some levels needed a bit more explaining e.g the cogs/ password level. Still not sure how the answer was discovered.

Great family fun for the weekend

Egg-stremely satisfying and egg-squisite game. Fun for our team of 5 aged 5-40. We liked being able to print out and solve the puzzles in different tactile ways - e.g. cutting, folding, rotating etc etc.

Liked it but the end game had us miffed

We completed the game with 2 adults over Zoom. Overall it was fun and there was a great use of different media - audio, video and scrolling image. Our favourite was game was the objects and audio match up. There were two of us playing and one of us used an anagram to figure out the end sequence but the other player wishes it could have been done more logically.

Really good fun!

Really good fun! Clever puzzles! We did this as a team of 5 for a birthday and it was really enjoyable.

Great game, interesting format

We played as a team of two and it was very fun. Would definitely play more of these! It was nice as well being able to work through the puzzles without much time pressure.

Five people, four zoom calls, loads of fun

We played Operation E.G.G. with five people over four zoom connections. It was great fun. The puzzles made good use of the paper cut-outs combined with online instructions and video clues. We will be looking forward to playing more of these online escape adventures!


We played as a team of 2 adults and a 7-year old, and had a great time. Everyone was able to join in the puzzles, and the combination of on screen instructions and puzzle elements with the paper ones was really good.

Good Fun

Egggggggggg gggggggggggg ggggggggggggggggg ggggggggggggggggg gggggggggggggg gggggggggggg ggggggggggcellent

Another great Print at Home adventure

Really fun way to spend an evening! The puzzles were interesting but not too complicated, and worked well in the print out format. Was also very helpful to pause the time for setting up.

Great Fun

The wife and i thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We were entertained and had fun working as a team.


Wow! What an experience! Played with my brother on the opposite side of the planet and worked like a charm. This isn't just good - it's great. Two thumbs up!

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