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Top Tips for Father's Day at clueQuest

by Freya Carroll

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You’ve come up with an original plan for Father’s Day - taking Dad to an escape room! You’ve assembled your team of agents, prepared by watching some spy movies, and are ready to make it an event to remember. But your dad’s never done an escape room before, and none of you know what to expect. Well, worry not! Here are some top tips to make sure your trip to clueQuest is a family bonding experience you’ll never forget.

What if we get stuck?

Every single game run at clueQuest comes with its own dedicated gamesmaker, who sits in Mission Control and guides you when you may require a nudge in the right direction! However, if you’d like to try to use as little help as possible, we recommend thinking out loud. You’d be surprised how often one member of the team has the key part of a solution, but doesn’t realise it! Speak to each other as you journey through the experience, tell each other what you’ve found, and you’ll discover…

What if we can’t find anything?

All of our rooms have things that are both easy and hard to find, and some can be pretty mind-boggling! We’d recommend giving everything a thorough look, and letting each other take a second look too. If you can’t find anything in a cupboard, perhaps Dad can spot something instead! 

What if the room spontaneously combusts?!

Don’t be silly. That very rarely happens.

What if we want to continue the experience?

Then you’re in luck! Not only do we have four physical escape rooms ready for you to test your puzzle solving skills with, but we also have a Print+Cut+Escape game all about Father’s Day, Codename DAD! It’s the perfect way to round off a day spent celebrating the fatherly figures in your life, and adds a bit of excitement too.