Print + Cut + Escape

Virtual Team Building

Print + Cut + Escape


How it works

Playing the game is as easy as it sounds. Colleagues print their puzzles at home or receive a pre-printed copy from us in the post, join a Zoom party, and play along together on our online platform.


Log on to the online platform and download the .pdf file. Print it out at home.


Get your scissors handy! Follow the instructions to cut out the puzzles.


Use your link to access the Online Game System. Solve the puzzles to escape.

Setting up your virtual team building


Set a date for your team building

Share the idea with your teams and pencil in a date. It’s a good idea to set this at least a week out as it may take some time for any pre-printed copies to arrive in the post.


Decide between Print @ Home and Print & Post

a.) If most of your team has a printer at home and you are working on a tight budget the Print@Home option is for you with it’s only £12 / team price.

b.) You prefer not to have any hassle with printing and posting? Choose the Print&Post option (£20 / person) and let us take care of this for you. We will send the packages to the individuals on your behalf.


Place your order

a.) If you are ordering Print@Home, add enough copies for 6 players / team. Download the PDF and share it with the individuals for printing.

b.)If you are ordering Print&Post, just add as many copies as many participants your team building will have. Send us the individual addresses and we will take care of the rest.


Get ready for the team building

Send out the schedule for the team using our template. Make sure everyone has done the cutting of the paper pieces before the event, which usually takes around 20-30 minutes.


Play and enjoy a fun night in

On the day, get your team to have a drink and a snack handy, and start playing! You could even set up a friendly competition between teams. As each team completes the mission, they can meet up in the team video conference to share their experience.


Ep 1: Stolen IQ
Learn More

Ep 1: Stolen IQ

Help free Agent Crimson from her prison cell in The CUBE

PDF Mission Files
Online game system
Ep 2: Alpha Brain System
Learn More

Ep 2: Alpha Brain System

Help Agent Crimson and Mr Q shutdown Professor BlackSheep’s machine to hijack the brainpower of all humankind

PDF Mission Files
Online game system
Ep 3: Humanity 2.0
Available now!

Ep 3: Humanity 2.0

Help clueQuest end the Professor’s plan to destroy the minds of all humanity.

PDF Mission Files
Online game system


<strong>Print @ Home | £12 per group</strong>
Print @ Home | £12 per group

One access code to the online game platform, including the shareable print-at-home puzzle file

6 people / group
PDF file
Online game platform

<strong>Print & Post | £20 per person</strong>
Print & Post | £20 per person

One pre-printed copy of Print+Cut+Escape! Postage included (UK only)

Access code with each copy
Posting to the individuals
Online game platform

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Got any questions?

Check our FAQ or get in touch.

Got an enquiry?

Get in touch

Alexis King +44 (0) 7421 985 422

Mission FAQ

Nominate an organiser for each team and get them to send an invitation on Zoom, or whichever videoconferencing tool you use. This should also include the group’s unique access code to the online game system. Once it’s time to play, the team connects to the system together and progresses through the game simultaneously. Each player has their own printed puzzle at home which they can use to test possible solutions, and share them with the team. You can find more comprehensive instructions here.

Teams take an average of 90 mins to complete the mission. Unlike other escape experiences, in this case the clock ticks up, so the game can continue indefinitely until it is solved.

If certain team members don’t have access to a printer, we can send a pre-printed version to their door. When you head to the order page to build your package, you can nominate how many pre-printed versions are needed. You will also need to provide their mailing address. We will ship the pre-printed copies the next working day (Please note that Royal Mail is currently experiencing some delays. Please refer to its website for updates)

We ship pre-printed versions First Class, the next working day following the order. While Royal Mail usually aims for parcels to arrive the next day (not including Sunday) please note it is currently experiencing some delays. Please refer to its website for updates.

The number of participants is only limited by the bandwidth of your videoconferencing solution. However, we recommend that participants are divided into teams compromising a maximum of 6 players. In this case, each team would connect to the online game system using a different link, and progress through the game as a team. We would not recommend a larger number of players per link as collaboration would become difficult at this point.

We recommend you divide participants into smaller teams comprising a maximum of 6 players. You will need to purchase an individual access code to the online game system for each team.

Game system faq

The timer goes upwards to alleviate the stress of time, so you can play as long as you wish. You can also reset the game to the first step with the 'Reset' button at the top during the game.

No need to panic, just return to your order confirmation email, click on the "secret link", then on the green button and voila you should be back where you left the game off

We recommend to cut everything in advance, but you can also play then stop to cut for a new chapter it is up to you. The face recognition is the only part where we would say you can figure out the solution first then cut the relevant pieces. But if you are like us and consider the cutting as part of the fun, why not cut all of them?! :)

You will see a question mark at the bottom of each page, which has 3 pre written clues. You can also reveal the solution if you get completely stuck.