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Mr Q's Picks: Back to School

by Freya Carroll

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The new school year has started once again, and with it comes the standard questions: does last year’s uniform fit? Where are my child’s school shoes? How can I make this year stand out above all others as a precious memory that I’ll treasure for years to come? Well, we can’t tell you where your child’s pencil case has ended up, but we can give you some suggestions for making this September one to remember.

1. Make a Time Capsule

In a year’s time, you’ll want to look back on how you began this school year, and a time capsule is a great way to reminisce! Fill a box with items - a picture from the first day of school, the first conker of the season, a letter to your future self! Then store it away in the house (or, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can bury it in the garden)! We do recommend you don’t store anything edible, though…

2. Go to a Restaurant

London has plenty of exciting cuisines to try, and what better excuse for going than to celebrate being back at school? Dress up in your finest and pick the restaurant of your choice, whether it’s a local favourite or an out-there new flavour. Maybe pick a meal based on you or your child's favourite subject - chicken tikka MATHS-ala, anyone?

3. Create your own Cinema Experience

Dim the living room lights, pull out your cosiest blankets and set up your own cinema! Choose any film, and pick snacks that suit it. Maybe The Little Mermaid needs Phish Food Ice-cream? Make your own tickets, pop your own popcorn and enjoy the big (little) screen.

4. Do an Escape Room

What’s that? A clueQuest blog suggesting you do an escape room? Well, of course! What better way to get your brains in gear for the new school year than challenging yourself to save the world in sixty minutes. You can find out more about our four missions here