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Falling Star is rising again!

by Andy Tucker

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Falling Star is back with an updated online game system for a great puzzle experience. We’re very proud of this new incarnation - it has some fiendishly fun puzzles, and it’s one of the best looking games we’ve ever made. A lot of sweat and tears has gone into this (thankfully not much blood) and we really hope that many more of you will get to enjoy it now.

Around this time last year we released our Christmas Print+Cut+Escape game - Falling Star - but things didn't go exactly as we'd hoped... It was a very ambitious project that made extensive use of third party software to create cool animated features. Unfortunately that software turned out to be difficult to work with. As a result the game simply didn’t work as well as we hoped on some browsers and machines and no amount of patching on our part fixed it.

Fast forward to this year; when we thought to ourselves - shouldn't we create a new version? So we did! And as of today - Falling Star is back on sale with an updated online game system!

At its core it is the same game as before - with a few little tweaks to the story for the sake of clarity. The puzzles have also been rebuilt using our tried and tested tools and widgets. Some of them work a little differently now because they were designed around the fancy (but cursed) animated features, and we’ve chucked in a few improvements, but they’re basically the same. 

So if you fancy a top tier selection of cryptic Christmas conundrums then pop over to the clueQuest website and catch a Falling Star! And if you bought it the first time round, and have any trouble playing it now then please get in touch.

Given the complicated situation of releasing an updated version of a game that didn't work properly before - we've produced this handy flowchart for all agents. Enjoy!