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The Professor Presents: Mother's Day

by Freya Carroll

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Beloved readers, you will be delighted to learn that I stole Mr Q’s laptop when he wasn’t looking, and am now here once again to bestow wisdom upon you all. The more astute of you might be aware that it is Mother’s Day this coming Sunday 19th. As the world’s premier supervillain, I obviously love my mother more than you all love your mothers, but if you were looking for some last minute present ideas (pathetic), here are some that she might find… enjoyable.

  1. A BEAR

What’s more cuddly and affectionate than a teddy bear? That’s right, a REAL bear! Think of the look of definite pleasure and not fear on your mum’s face when you present her with her very own wild animal. She’ll be screaming - with joy, of course!


It’s traditional to give flowers on special occasions, but it’s tough to decide what kind! Roses are so overdone, and it’s so hard to find corpse flowers this time of year. Instead, I suggest a gorgeous combination of orange lilies and tansies. Don’t look up the meaning, just trust me. I promise your mother will love them…


Now, you might be thinking, ‘a photo album! Perfect! A book full of pictures of treasured memories, my mother will love that!’ But why give her pictures of things she already knows? So boring. Instead, give her pictures to do with MY mother, so she has something to aspire to. It’s important to have goals. 


LOCK YOUR MOTHER AWAY, SO THAT MINE IS THE ONLY MOTHER LEFT STANDING, THE GREATEST MOTHER OF ALL- no! Mr Q! Don’t take your laptop back, I was using it- rats! Until next time, agents!

While we don’t recommend taking most of the Professor’s suggestions, we do agree that an escape room is a great Mother’s Day present! You can book one of our four rooms here.