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Thanksgiving at clueQuest

by Freya Carroll

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Thanksgiving: a day when our neighbours across the pond come together to celebrate gratitude and family connections. Well, Thanksgiving may not be celebrated here in England, but we at clueQuest certainly have lots to be thankful for! At this time of communal gratitude, let’s consider and give thanks for everything that allows clueQuest to provide such amazing and memorable experiences, time and time again.

  1. Our Gamesmakers

clueQuest couldn’t deliver our fantastic escape experiences without the stalwart efforts of our Gamesmakers. Each one brings their own unique spin to a briefing, from an atmospheric setting of the scene to a delighted ‘well done, well done!’ when their team escapes. We love to hear happy agents rave about how a particular gamesmaker made their time at clueQuest that much better. Which leads us to…

  1. Our Reviews

At the time of writing, clueQuest is the second highest rated escape room in London on TripAdvisor. We’re so proud of this, and it’s all thanks to the reviews our agents leave us. Over 4,000 people have left glowing reports of their experience with us, and we’ve got our fingers crossed that that number grows!

  1. Our Creative Team

You’d think that being the longest running escape room in the UK would be enough for us, but no! Every day our fabulous creative team is hard at work coming up with ideas to make our rooms even better, from atmospheric changes to updating puzzles, or even adding more colour to our briefing area! It takes a village to save the world, and our village has creativity for days. Need more proof? Why not check our series of Print+Cut+Escapes, developed during the pandemic and all hand designed!

  1. Our Agents

And of course, we’re thankful for the many agents who come to our base in Caledonian Road and save the world. Whether it’s destroying a mind-controlling satellite, locating the identity of a double agent, or even stopping the world’s population from turning into sheep, clueQuest wouldn’t be what it is today without every person who steps through our front door, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

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