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The Professor Presents: Bonfire Night

by Freya Carroll

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Attention, reader. Professor Blacksheep here. Whilst Mr Q’s back was turned, I snuck onto the clueQuest server and am here to wreak some damage! How, you ask? By telling you exactly how to… celebrate Bonfire Night this year! Of course, you’ve already (foolishly) decided to go to clueQuest on November 5th to ‘have a great time saving the world’, so here are a few things to make your adventure more mind blowing, ha!


Sparklers are fun, beautiful, and excellent to play with in enclosed spaces! Think of the look on your gamesmaker’s face when you pull out a fiery stick halfway through your experience! They’ll be delighted, trust me, and it’ll guarantee you’ll be remembered forever!


There are plenty of exciting movies set around Bonfire Night: V for Vendetta and Attack the Block to name but two. If television is more your style, Gunpowder starring Kit Harrington is a great choice! And when better to watch than during your mission? I certainly solve puzzles better when my eyes are glued to a screen! Extra points if you trip. 


Fluffy, soft and exactly what the world needs - am I talking about marshmallows, or me? Well, unlike me, it’s traditional to roast marshmallows at this time of year, and who am I to buck tradition! Of course, to roast marshmallows you need a fire, and Mr Q’s safe houses have lots of lovely flammable furniture! Bon Appétit! 


That’s right, blow up parliament! Recreate the event from 1605 and- argh! What’s this? My code is being rewritten! I’m losing control of the website! Curse you, Mr Q… I’ll win next time!

If you would like to try your hand at defeating the Professor, you can book one of our four escape rooms here - but I recommend you don’t try any of his top tips!