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Fall in Love with clueQuest this Valentine's

by Freya Carroll

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Love is in the air at clueQuest! The most romantic day of the year is coming up, and Mr Q has been racking his brains as to how to properly celebrate it. Of course, it’s very romantic to save the world together, but what do you do once the world is safe? Well, we’ve got just the answer...

We’ve partnered with The Cross, a luxurious bar and club close by us in Kings Cross, to provide the perfect Valentine’s date! For a short time, if you book a clueQuest mission for a team of four or more with the code ‘DOUBLETROUBLE’, you can each get a free cocktail with your food at the Cross! 

We’ve also got an exciting onsite deal with our most loveable Print+Cut+Escape, Mechanics of the Heart! For a short time, buying it here at clueQuest means you’ll only pay £15, AND you’ll get a free team magnet! Now that’s a deal we love!

Celebrating an anniversary? Got a first date? Celebrating your singlehood? Whatever your status on Valentine’s, why not come to clueQuest to play one of our escape missions? You can read more about each of our rooms here