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Our Intrepid Reporter: the School Trip Experience

by Freya Carroll

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For many years, clueQuest has been a top destination for schools looking for an exciting experience for their students. But what is it that so many students love about their time here? Our Intrepid Reporter sat down with a few teachers and students to pick their brains about their recent clueQuest experience.

Up First: Two Year Twelve students!

Our Intrepid Reporter: So, how many escape rooms had you done before?

Student A: I’ve done a few but not for a while.

Student B: The last time I did one was a couple of years ago.

OIR: What was clueQuest like compared to other trips you’ve been on?

Student A: It was fun! Some of the other school trips we’ve been on have been a bit boring, but this one was really good.

Student B: I agree, it was quite different from what we normally do!

OIR: When you were in the room, what skills were you using to figure out clues and find objects?

Student A: A lot of teamwork was needed.

Student B: I think patience - not usually one of my skills! 

Student A: And thinking outside of the box to put things together. 

OIR: What advice would you give to other students coming to clueQuest who are about to do an escape room here?

Student A: Probably to pay attention to everything that’s going on.

Student B: To be patient, as well, and work with your group, because everyone’s going to have a different strength.

Student A: And I think, everyone thinks in a different way, so if you all work together, then you’re able to see other people’s thought processes and it all comes together.

OIR: Do you think doing an escape room at clueQuest has taught you anything? 

Student A: You know what, I think it has. Patience is not usually my thing and usually when I do escape rooms I struggle to keep my cool. Obviously the clueQuest experience was exciting, but it was also chill how everyone worked together to escape, and it was really fun at the same time.

Student B: It was the first time I’d done an escape room with people my own age and not my family. I have an older brother and my two parents and obviously they are all older than me. So it was a chance to have more of an important role in the escape room. That’s why I think the school trip was good - because you are all on the same level, you all get to contribute.

Next Up: Their Teacher!

OIR: How easy was it for you to organise the school trip?

Teacher: I was told to organise the trip by the school with very short notice, only two weeks to get all the paperwork done. But the risk assessment that clueQuest provided was very thorough, I could just incorporate that into the main risk assessment for the school.

OIR: What did you want your students to get out of the trip?

Teacher: Enjoyment! 

OIR: Do you feel the students were challenged while they were here? 

Teacher: Definitely! I asked a couple of them after they’d come out of the room, I said, “how was it?” and they said they found it hard. I think that’s good - you need something that’s going to make them think. I think they found it a good challenge!

OIR: How important is fun on a school trip?

Teacher: I think it’s ranked very high. I think that’s the main purpose! But interestingly, what the students consider to be fun also has to be something meaningful for them. They don’t want to be doing silly stuff, they want to do something that is intellectually challenging that they can see the point of doing, and I think clueQuest provided that.  

If you’re looking to take your students on a fun, challenging trip, clueQuest is the place for you! Contact us at to start your school booking today. For more information about why an escape room makes a great educational experience, you can read our blog on the subject here