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Mr Q's Picks: Winter Activities

28/11/23 By Freya Carroll
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The weather outside is frightful, and our clueQuest agents are so delightful. So if you’ve nowhere to go, why not see what Mr Q suggests?

Last Minute Christmas Holiday Social

Come in, Christmas Work Party Planner! We’ve got a message for you straight from HQ: you’ve been tasked with a brand new mission - create the best company holiday social your colleagues have ever seen! We know this is a big undertaking, Agent Planner, but don’t panic - your fellow agents at clueQuest are ready with every tool you’re going to need.

PLAN52: Snow Way Out - Limited Edition!

17/11/23 By Freya Carroll

Attention, agents! Here at clueQuest we’ve received new intel that could ruin Christmas forever! There’s been an emergency at the North Pole, and Mrs Claus, Santa, and every single reindeer is relying on clueQuest to save the day

I've Got a Golden Ticket!

14/11/23 By Freya Carroll

After another successful month with several happy Golden Ticket Winners, Our Intrepid Reporter conducted some vox pop interviews to see what some of the lucky agents had to say!

The Professor Presents: Halloween

31/10/23 By Freya Carroll

Hello, humans. I have once again snuck onto Mr Q’s servers to wreak havoc - he really needs to upgrade his cyber security. This time of year is a time for fear and mayhem, and I can see you’re all trying your best. It’s very sweet. But vampires, ghouls, ghosts? Please. I’m here to bless you all with top tips for how to truly strike terror into the hearts of your enemies - I mean… friends.

Why We Don't Do Scary Rooms

23/10/23 By Freya Carroll

When people think of Escape Rooms, they often think of scary environments. Zombies in rooms, masked faces leaping out at you - every second tube advert is promoting the Saw escape attraction! There’s even a horror movie about being trapped in an escape room. Here at clueQuest though, we stay away from the fear factor. But why?

Ah, the first date! A moment sprinkled with tiny butterflies in your stomach, a dash of nervousness, and a generous dose of excitement. Choosing the perfect setting for this memorable occasion can be a puzzle in itself. But fret not, for we have cracked the code: an escape room adventure at clueQuest!

Join the Sheep Hunt in Octo-Baa!

04/10/23 By Freya Carroll

As this year is clueQuest’s 10th Anniversary, we have been running a monthly raffle to win all sorts of goodies, including a £1000 voucher! This month, we’re spicing things up - or rather, the Professor is!

Humans of clueQuest: Rowen's All Clued Up!

22/09/23 By Freya Carroll

Humans of clueQuest is all about the sweet and hilarious stories our Gamesmakers see through CCTV in our escape room games. In this one, Agent Rowen tells us about a blast from the past!

Caring for clueQuest: Keeping Things Safe

13/09/23 By Freya Carroll

When Operation Blacksheep opened in 2014, we made sure that all our props were the best of the best. Nine years on, we’re still striving for the best quality in our rooms, and so we regularly update our items in the room to make sure we’re delivering top standards. In this article, we take a look behind the scenes at how we replaced a vital prop… the Operation Blacksheep safe.

Golden Ticket Winner - Interview

06/09/23 By Zoli Papp

We sat down with Karan, the winner of our Golden Ticket from the second of our Tenth Anniversary Raffles.  He might be new to the world of escape rooms with just two games under his belt, but he will soon become a clueQuest expert with a £1,000 Golden Ticket in his pocket!

It may seem unbelievable, but top scientists at clueQuest Labs have discovered new information that proves beyond reasonable doubt that playing clueQuest’s new outdoor escape game, Glitch Hunters, makes you a better person. This may sound surprising, but they’ve shown us the research and it’s completely accurate. For the avoidance of any doubt, we’ve asked for special permission to display their findings here, and they have graciously allowed our request. Read on for one hundred percent true scientific fact…

clueQuest: the More the Merrier!

24/08/23 By Freya Carroll

Summertime, and the living is easy. What’s hard is figuring out what sort of activity could suit your smorgasbord of friends. Perhaps a trip to an outdoor cinema, or a game of football in honour of the Lionesses? (If you’re looking for even more ideas, why not check out Mr Q’s Picks: Summer Fun?). It’s tough to find things that a large group of people can call be participate, so it’s understandable if you’re thinking your options are pretty limited.

clueQuest turned 10 this year and we are celebrating this landmark with raffles and competitions all year around! Rhys, the winner of the first golden ticket of ten (each worth a whopping £1,000) couldn't believe his eyes that he'd won. We sat down with him to find out how he felt about his luck...

For Pride Month, clueQuest raised money for Micro Rainbow, a charity that supports LGBTQ+ asylum seekers.

Last week was International Joke Day, and our clueQuest characters wanted to join in with the fun! Try to keep a straight face whilst reading these side splitters...

10 Years of clueQuest

30/06/23 By Freya Carroll

You may be aware that this June, clueQuest turned 10 years old (we haven’t been quiet about it - check out this lovely article from The Escape Roomer!). Over the years, we’ve moved from high point to high point, and now’s our chance to take a look back at all we’ve achieved.

To celebrate our tenth anniversary, clueQuest is opening a new outdoor escape game on June 14th, GLITCH HUNTERS. Our Intrepid Reporter sat down with its creators, Andy and Gigi, to find out more…

Humans of clueQuest is all about the sweet and hilarious stories our Gamesmakers see through CCTV in our escape room games. In this one, Agent Eli tells us about a very paw-sitive experience!

This coming Saturday, Charles III will be officially crowned King, and we’re sure the streets will be filled with expectant onlookers (including some of our gamesmakers!). For a clueQuest spin on the coronation, we asked Mr Q and friends what they would do if they were King for a day...