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clueQuest aims to be at the forefront of innovation in everything we do; from updating our rooms with new technology to designing our own game system for our Print+Cut+Escape games. But we don’t just look at how we can move forwards practically; we’re also keen to learn more about the world - just look at our approach to the environment! Taking things one step further, we teamed up with scientists at the University of Cambridge to help the study how air pollution affects team productivity. 

Paul Lohmann, Benedict Probst, Elisabeth Gsottbauer and Andreas Kontoleon looked at how long it takes a team to escape one of our four rooms, PLAN52, Operation Blacksheep, Revenge of the Sheep and cQ:Origenes.  They discovered that the more pollution in the air, the longer it would take a team to escape. They took into account all sorts of factors - team size, previous experience of escape rooms - even if it was a birthday!

Top Tips for Father's Day at clueQuest

By Freya Carroll

You’ve come up with an original plan for Father’s Day - taking Dad to an escape room! You’ve assembled your team of agents, prepared by watching some spy movies, and are ready to make it an event to remember. But your dad’s never done an escape room before, and none of you know what to expect. Well, worry not! Here are some top tips to make sure your trip to clueQuest is a family bonding experience you’ll never forget.


It’s not just gamesmakers who keep clueQuest providing award-winning experiences year after year - there are plenty of other people working behind the scenes to keep everything mice and clean! Our Intrepid Reporter sat down with the newest member of the clueQuest maintenance team, Rio, to get the lowdown on a usual day for him at cluequest

The Doctor is In!

By Freya Carroll

clueQuest is constantly evolving, trying our best to improve our experiences and make sure that we’re always the fun and exciting day out that over 4,500 customers rated us five stars on TripAdvisor. One could almost say that we’re… regenerating! Well, Doctor Who* isn’t the only one with no medical experience, because clueQuest is adding a new and exciting character to the world of Mr Q. Introducing… Doctor Nel!

How Many Team Members Do You Need?

By Freya Carroll

So, you’ve decided to do your first ever escape room. Perhaps it’s your birthday, and you’re looking for an exciting, innovative way to celebrate. Maybe it’s your hen do, and you want something different from the standard pub crawl. Whatever the reason, you’re on your way to clueQuest, but you’ve come up against a troubling question - how many people should you bring with you?

clueQuest's 100,000th Team!

By Freya Carroll

clueQuest has been around for a long time - longer than any other escape room in the UK! Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of teams; excited first-timers ready to take on a challenge, and experienced enthusiasts wanting to try our award-winning rooms. In March, we hit a huge milestone - our 100,000th team! Our Intrepid Reporter sat down with them to talk about this momentous moment...

Which Eggs are our clueQuest Experiences?

By Freya Carroll

Eggs come in many different shapes and sizes, and so do our escape experiences! So for a bit of springtime fun, we’ve asked ourselves - what kind of eggs are our clueQuest games?

We have rounded up a full year celebration of our 10th Anniversary. And what a year it has been! We have raffled away hundreds of prizes including t-shirts, bluetooth speakers, outdoor and indoor experiences, Print+Cut+Escape games and last but not least 10x Golden Tickets each worth a whopping £1,000 clueQuest credit.

Planting the Future

By Freya Carroll

At clueQuest, the environment is often at the forefront of our minds (just ask our resident recycling goblin!). We do our best to be sustainable, but when we developed our Print+Cut+Escape games in 2020, we came up against a problem. How could we justify using all that paper?

clueQuest: a Multilingual Destination

By Freya Carroll

It’s your first trip to London, and you’re looking for activities for you and your family. You need somewhere to go that’s fun, exciting, and most importantly, can be played no matter your level of English. That’s where clueQuest comes in.

C’est votre premier séjour à Londres et vous recherchez une activité pour vous et votre famille. Vous devez trouver un endroit divertissant, sympa et, le plus important, où vous pourrez passer un bon moment peu importe votre niveau d’anglais. C’est là que clueQuest entre en jeu.

Giving at clueQuest: Lift 2023

By Freya Carroll

Christmas rolled around last year once again, and so our agents dedicated themselves to raising money for our local charity, Lift Youth Hub. In previous years, we’ve helped them buy supplies for the valuable services they provide for young people in Islington, and 2023 was no different.

Celebrate Your Birthday at clueQuest

By Freya Carroll

Planning a birthday party can be tough. You need something that’s not been done a thousand times, and goodness knows you don’t want to hire a clown again. What’s left that’s still fresh, fun and full of surprises? Well, that’s where clueQuest comes in. With thousands of reviews from happy customers, we know exactly how to take your birthday party from standard to out of this world.

Come to Work at clueQuest

By Freya Carroll

Imagine it - you’re sitting at home, at loss for what to do with your time, when suddenly it comes to you: what if there was a place where you could entertain, puzzle-solve, and foster your love of escape room games all at once? Well, look no further than this blog post to see why clueQuest could be the perfect workplace for you!

clueQuest: an Award-Winning Destination

By Freya Carroll

clueQuest is often in the headlines - always for good reasons! - and it’s due to the reviews our lovely agents leave for us. We’ve been offering exciting escape room experiences for over ten years now, and we’ve racked up thousands of five star ratings, featured in ‘top escape rooms’ lists, and even appeared on the radio!

What's On Your Wish List?

By Freya Carroll

On the first day of Christmas, clueQuest gave to me all sorts of goodies (no French Hens or Turtle Doves, though)! We asked some clueQuest agents what they wanted for Christmas this year…

clueQuest: Getting Better Every Year!

By Freya Carroll

As 2023 draws to a close, we want to take the chance to look back and reflect on all that clueQuest has achieved over the last twelve months. This has been the year of our tenth anniversary, and what a year it’s been!

Caring for clueQuest: Creating Christmas

By Freya Carroll
Caring for clueQuest Creating Christmas

It’s what’s on the inside that matters, but sometimes the outside is important too! As Christmas fast approaches, we’ve gone out of our way to ensure that clueQuest is looking its best, with decorations as far as the eye can see.

Mr Q's Picks: Winter Activities

By Freya Carroll
Mr Q's Picks - Winter Activities Header

The weather outside is frightful, and our clueQuest agents are so delightful. So if you’ve nowhere to go, why not see what Mr Q suggests?

Last Minute Christmas Holiday Social

Come in, Christmas Work Party Planner! We’ve got a message for you straight from HQ: you’ve been tasked with a brand new mission - create the best company holiday social your colleagues have ever seen! We know this is a big undertaking, Agent Planner, but don’t panic - your fellow agents at clueQuest are ready with every tool you’re going to need.

PLAN52: Snow Way Out - Limited Edition!

By Freya Carroll

Attention, agents! Here at clueQuest we’ve received new intel that could ruin Christmas forever! There’s been an emergency at the North Pole, and Mrs Claus, Santa, and every single reindeer is relying on clueQuest to save the day