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The Last Golden Ticket Finds its Home

by Zoli

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We have rounded up a full year celebration of our 10th Anniversary. And what a year it has been! We have raffled away hundreds of prizes including t-shirts, bluetooth speakers, outdoor and indoor experiences, Print+Cut+Escape games and last but not least 10x Golden Tickets each worth a whoopping £1,000 clueQuest credit.

In Janury we have put our (wannabe) agents to the test with a puzzle to see who's worthy of the last and final Golden Ticket. Owen was our lucky winner and the wheel of fortune couldn't have picked anyone better as he has clueQuest on his wishlist for a while. Check out his interview 👇
What's stoked your love of Escape Rooms?
I've always loved puzzles from when I was young and was dawn to immersive experiences in many media - from classic TV like Knightmare & Crystal Maze, to point & click video games, to Choose Your Own Adventure and Usborne puzzle adventure books - being immersed into a narrative world with puzzles has always been close to my heart, and escape rooms are a chance to do it for real!
What part of them do you enjoy the best?
I'm a relative late-adopter to rooms, so have only done a few. But in a word: everything! The themeing and atmosphere, the satisfaction of 'getting' a puzzle, working together as a team, and the delight when the room throws you an unexpected surprise is amazing. I also love play at home rooms, so I cannot wait to get stuck in there too.
What made you participate in the anniversary raffle?
clueQuest have been top of my wish list for some time, so the chance to be able to try their games was too tempting to pass up. Plus the fact that the competition stayed true to their nature by incorporating puzzles was the icing on the cake - turning a competition into a challenge itself... Bravo!
Which game are you looking forward to taking on first?
I'm already planning a road trip with my partner, brother in law & his wife (also escape room enthusiasts) to take on the original Plan 52. I do fancy the look of cQ Origenes, but I've read how that one is extra challenging - so maybe need to get our brains warmed up first. 
How did you feel about winning the raffle?
The announcement video was a handy distraction from work. I wasn't expecting to win, even as I willed my name to appear on each spin. I was utterly delighted to see it happen, and immediately assumed there to be another Owen Evans! 
How are you planning on using your ticket?
The most exciting part for me is being able to share it with my family and friends. My two daughters have just started getting into them, and so the opportunity to make it accessible for me to treat them is massive. My brother's family also live nearby, so I'm hoping there will soon be more clueQuest converts once I'm able to take them along. Due to the fact that the live experience is quite far away, I also have my eye on the 'play at home' games. There are a lot, so they will keep us going for some time!
Do you have a message for Mr Q?
Just a massive thank you, and that we won't let him down!
That's all folks for the 10 year anniversary, onto the next decade of delivering one of a kind experiences. 🤩 We hope you all had just as much fun participating in the raffles and games as we had organising them for you. Do not worry though, we have plenty of surprise in store for this year, follow us on Facebook or sign up to our newsletter so you don't miss out.
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