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Planting the Future

by Freya Carroll

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At clueQuest, the environment is often at the forefront of our minds (just ask our resident recycling goblin!). We do our best to be sustainable, but when we developed our Print+Cut+Escape games in 2020, we came up against a problem. How could we justify using all that paper?

That’s when we had a brilliant idea.  What if there was a way we could offset the amount of  paper we were using? We got in touch with Ecologi, an organisation that works with companies to offset their use of paper and CO2 emissions. Since 2020, we have been able to fund 1,618 new trees and avoid 120.21 tonnes of CO2 emissions - equivalent to 92 long haul flights or 298241 miles driven in a car! 

We’re always trying to do better at clueQuest, whether it's through working with companies like Ecologi, by developing our own reusable props for our rooms, or even just recycling in the workplace. So if anxiety about our environment is holding you back from playing one of our Print+Cut+Escape games, worry not! Why not browse our many themed options here and let the fun begin!

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