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How Many Team Members Do You Need?

by Freya Carroll

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So, you’ve decided to do your first ever escape room. Perhaps it’s your birthday, and you’re looking for an exciting, innovative way to celebrate. Maybe it’s your hen do, and you want something different from the standard pub crawl. Whatever the reason, you’re on your way to clueQuest, but you’ve come up against a troubling question - how many people should you bring with you?

If you’re up for a challenge or have a special occasion in mind, two can be eminently suitable! From first dates to getting down on one knee, we’ve seen team after team of two successfully complete our rooms. There are more puzzles to split between you, and you can use your connection to solve fiendish riddles. In fact, we currently have a date night package which can be purchased with your booking, which gives you a photo frame, copy of the brilliant print+cut+escape game Mechanics of the Heart, and a box of Lindt chocolates - perfect for a couple looking for something fresh!

If there’s more aspiring agents in your group, six people can also be a great number - there’s nothing like a group of friends bursting through the door to freedom, cheering their heads off at completing their mission! There’s no such thing as too many cooks in an escape room - the more minds to muse over a tricky trap, the better! clueQuest has seen family teams of six, corporate team building groups split into sixes, and even stag parties

However many team members you have, clueQuest can cater for them all - we can host up to sixty-six players at once, perfect for a team building day, or your huge birthday celebration (might we suggest our meeting spaces as a great way to gather and revel in your success after your game?). Why not book your mission today!



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