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Come to Work at clueQuest

by Freya Carroll

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Imagine it - you’re sitting at home, at loss for what to do with your time, when suddenly it comes to you: what if there was a place where you could entertain, puzzle-solve, and foster your love of escape room games all at once? Well, look no further than this blog post to see why clueQuest could be the perfect workplace for you!

clueQuest is a lively, friendly environment where fun is in our DNA! While members of staff work here as their full-time jobs, we also have many people who study alongside their weekly shifts, or who pursue creative industries and passions at the same time. Every day brings something new, whether taking a team of two through their first ever escape room, or waiting with baited breath for the newest blog.

There’s room for growth, too! At clueQuest we aim to promote internally, and many of our managers started off as Gamesmakers. We also encourage Gamesmakers to take on projects in the workplace - perhaps you’re interested in social media, design, or accessibility? clueQuest is all about fostering talent, and we love it when we’re met with a fresh idea.

So, what are we looking for? A proactive, dedicated individual who’s prepared to pitch in. Someone who exemplifies the clueQuest brand - delivering high quality experiences to our customers, and believing wholeheartedly in saving the world.

We’re always looking for new talent, so why not send us an email? We’re constantly in the process of accepting applications, but our hiring tends to come in waves, so don’t worry if you haven’t heard from us for a while - we’ll be in touch!