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What's On Your Wish List?

by Freya Carroll

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On the first day of Christmas, clueQuest gave to me all sorts of goodies (no French Hens or Turtle Doves, though)! We asked some clueQuest agents what they wanted for Christmas this year…

Agent James asked for something suitable for their whole family to play at home. We gave them a Print+Cut+Escape game, which have been rated five stars by over 1200 players! There are ten different games to choose from, and are the perfect mix of brain teasers and challenging riddles. Happy puzzling, Agent James!

Agent Natasha asked for an insight into how we make our escape rooms. We directed her straight to our blog, with tons of interesting articles about how we make our props, design our print+cut+escape games, and plenty of funny stories about our rooms!

Agent Sydney asked for something that would allow them to enjoy the sights of London, whilst also making them think! We gave her a voucher to play Glitch Hunters, our outdoor escape mission, which is perfect for people looking for summer activities for groups of all sizes.

Agent George asked for a fun-filled hour of puzzle solving, festive fun and Christmas decorations. Well, we’re delighted to oblige! Our Snow Way Out Christmas-themed escape room is being extended until January 7th, giving you plenty of time to save Santa before we take down the tree.

Happy New Year, agents - we look forward to seeing you in 2024!

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