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clueQuest's 100,000th Team!

by Freya Carroll

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clueQuest has been around for a long time - longer than any other escape room in the UK! Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of teams; excited first-timers ready to take on a challenge, and experienced enthusiasts wanting to try our award-winning rooms. In March, we hit a huge milestone - our 100,000th team! Our Intrepid Reporter sat down with them to talk about this momentous moment...

Our Intrepid Reporter: How was your experience with clueQuest?

Holly: Amazing, I mean, I’ve saved the world!

OIR: Had you ever done an escape room before?

Holly: This was my first.

Angela: I have, it was in London somewhere. I don’t remember exactly where.

OIR: Clearly clueQuest is going to be your defining experience! What was your favourite part of the room?

Angela: I think when the team worked together. 

Holly: Yeah, the teamwork. The final room was when the pressure really started to boil.

OIR: Do you have any top tips that you’ll be taking on to your next room?

Angela: Deep everything you see.

Holly: Don’t let anything slide. Really take every little bit of information in. And obviously communicate really well and make sure that everyone’s clued in.

OIR: Do you know what your next experience with clueQuest will be? What are you curious about doing next?

Angela: I think we started at intermediate level with PLAN52, and there’s two more advanced ones, so we’ll come again and explore those!

Congratulations to Holly, Angela, Harry and Chris! We hope you enjoy your clueQuest goodies and we can’t wait to see you again!