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Which Eggs are our clueQuest Experiences?

by Freya Carroll

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Eggs come in many different shapes and sizes, and so do our escape experiences! So for a bit of springtime fun, we’ve asked ourselves - what kind of eggs are our clueQuest games?

First up is PLAN52, our very first room. It opened back in 2013, and is just as popular now as it was ten years ago, making it an escape room classic - and what’s more classic than a traditional soft-boiled egg? You have to crack the clues in PLAN52 just like you crack the shell (forgive the bad ‘yolk’)!

Next is Operation BlackSheep, a mind-scrambling room - both in its puzzles, and in stopping the evil Professor’s satellite from scrambling humanity’s minds! This fits perfectly with scrambled eggs, delicious as the feeling of successfully escaping the Professor’s bunker and saving the world.

We’re all about innovation at clueQuest, and we strive to keep our rooms fresh and exciting. We’ve recently upgraded our Revenge of the Sheep rooms, vamping up the gadgets! This puts us in mind of the glitzy Fabergé Eggs, sparkly and eye-catching: the perfect fit.

What goes better together than high class and high tech? cQ:Origenes and caviar eggs, that’s what! Just like caviar, cQ:Origenes is perfect for people looking to test their palate and try new things - although we doubt caviar comes with as many challenging puzzles and opportunities for team building!

Glitch Hunters is a walk in the sunshine, discovering London and saving the day, exercising both your body and your mind, so what is more appropriate than an egg packed with protein, the ostrich egg! You’ll need to maintain your energy in order to keep up with all the fun! 

And last, but certainly not least: they’re a special treat! They come in a variety of colours and flavours! Am I talking about Easter Eggs, or Print+Cut+Escape games? Both! And just as Easter Eggs are seasonal, so are P+C+Es; in fact, Operation E.G.G. is perfect for right now, so why not head straight to our gift shop and get your own copy!