Best escape room we've done cQ ORIGENES London

Best escape room we've done

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Agent Supernova cQ ORIGENES London


Alex Gawthrope

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 5 months ago

Me and my wife have done maybe 15-20 escape rooms in the UK. This was (no exaggeration) the best game we've come across. A lot of escape rooms can seem a little DIY but this room was on another level and the tech involved in this room was crazy and unlike anything we've come across. We needed quite a few clues to get us through (but we were only a team of 2) but miquelle (sorry if I've spelt your name wrong) was very friendly, entertaining and was a great host (thank you). When we return to London we will be very keen to come back.

Absolutely wonderful!

Absolutely wonderful! We came in stresse... more Absolutely wonderful! We came in stressed and late because the Platinum jubilee celebrations had closed down seemingly half the train stations in central London so we had to literally run to make it before we lost our booking.

Instead of being annoyed our amazing instructor Camillo, calmed us down, waited for us to catch our breath and skilfully guided us through both the introduction and the amazing course. My gratitude and respect for Camilo's work is hard to convey in words so I will simply say - what a lad!

And what a course too; everything they say about this escape room is true! Its hard as all hell but it's relentlessly inventive, the atmosphere and puzzle placements are second to none and the finale is a heart-pumping, and eminently satisfying, thrill. Could not recommend it more!

ps- Nice try Campi!

Agent Phoenix cQ ORIGENES London

Agent Mo

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 3 weeks ago


My friends and I had a fantastic time. I... more My friends and I had a fantastic time. It was all our first time doing an escape room and we found it challenging and rewarding. The staff members were lovely and incredibly helpful.

Agent Maverick cQ ORIGENES London

Agent M.

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 3 weeks ago

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