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Snow Way Out

Limited Edition escape room mission

Last night Santa was hosting a games night. He likes to play every month with his two best friends and one lucky elf, but this time something went horribly wrong! Someone blasted them all with a freeze ray, then broke into the control room and sabotaged the present delivery system!

Limited Edition Christmas Room

For the month of December Santa's little elves took over our PLAN52 room* to bring you and your family an unforgettable Holiday escape!

Book now *PLAN52: Snow Way Out is based on our PLAN52 games. The puzzles are only slightly modified, however, there's a completely new story and design.

Mission Brief

Mrs. Claus just rang in with an urgent message. There's an emergency at the North Pole and we need a team of agents to head up there at once! Last night Santa was hosting his monthly games night, when disaster struck! A mystery assailant used some sort of freeze ray to turn the all players into icicles, then broke into the control room and sabotaged the present delivery system!

Our intelligence suggests that Professor Blacksheep is the mastermind behind this. Being the world's greatest villain he's obviously at the very top of the Naughty List and never gets presents. So this year, he's making sure that no one gets any! We only have 60 minutes before all those presents are blown to bits and we can't allow that, so we're sending you in to stop it!

2-6 | 9+ | 3/5

Why this escape game?

Limited Edition room only for December


4 x Escape game units in London with up to 6 players per unit.
Total capacity: 24 players per session.


Suitable for players with hearing loss and children age 9+.

Escape room missions - Plan52 christmas edition | London Escape Room clueQuest

Recommended for

Escape room game rookies and veteran players alike up for a Christmas themed challenge.

Mission type

A 'classic' with a mixed linear and non-linear set-up, perfect for keeping everyone on your team busy.

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