Great experience

Great experience

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Agent Crimson


P. g.

Review of PLAN52 - 1 month ago

Great fun and a really good team building exercise. The staff were so involved and friendly. We would recommend it.

This is what it’s all about!

Plan 52 has the perfect balance of fun a... more Plan 52 has the perfect balance of fun and challenge. We were absolutely buzzing after escaping. The Cluequest team are total professionals from the moment you walk in, everything is organised and slick. Our lovely host, Zeynep, really cared about our team succeeding and knew how to subtly hint us without saying too much. We’ll be back for the other games without a doubt!

Agent Flash

Agent Rachel

Review of PLAN52 - 3 weeks ago

A thrilling and challenging experience!

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the P... more We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Plan52 escape room. The staff were fantastic and elevated the experience, the room itself was ingenious, very clever, challenging, yet rewarding. We hope to come back for another experience soon!

Agent Hawk

Agent Barry and Stefanie

Review of PLAN52 - 2 weeks ago

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