Highly Recommend! cQ ORIGENES London

Highly Recommend!

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Agent Maverick cQ ORIGENES London


Bethan Stanyon

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 9 months ago

Superb! Best fun we've had in an escape room in ages (and we do quite a lot). It was a great idea for a theme and some impressive and enjoyable puzzles. We took about 50mins to break out and were busy and challenged (but never fed up or really stuck) for the whole of that time.

Difficult, but rewardingly so!

Really well-constructed room. Good mix o... more Really well-constructed room. Good mix of team puzzles and things to parallelize, and not too much guesswork to string things together, either. A few bits needed slightly more visual cues as to exactly what order you were expected to do things, e.g. the hand scanners, but on the whole some really innovative and collaborative puzzles which the whole team enjoyed. Difficult, though - even with a few seasoned veterans, we only had about 3 mins to go when we finished!

Agent Brain cQ ORIGENES London

Agent Jon A

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 2 days ago

Great fun

As ever, fun and infuriating. Found this... more As ever, fun and infuriating. Found this the hardest of the 4 escape rooms. Lots of clever puzzles and clues

Agent Star cQ ORIGENES London

Agent R.

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 1 day ago

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