Cover picture Operation E.G.G.

Really nice

by Agent Jonathan
Agent Ninja Operation E.G.G.



Review of Operation E.G.G. - 3 weeks ago

Successfully gave the feel of an escape room - some really nice puzzles and I enjoyed the entertaining sneaky traps!

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Highly recommend!

It was great, really enjoyed it! We had a great time ! Would definitely recommend and purchase another one !

Agent Brain Operation E.G.G.

Agent C.

Review of Operation E.G.G. - 1 year ago

I'm going to love this series!

This was my first clueQuest game, and I'm very excited to work through the rest of the series (I bought the everything bundle). If I lived in the UK, I would splurge on the Print & Post version. I lov... more

Agent Star Operation E.G.G.

Agent Leanne

Review of Operation E.G.G. - 1 year ago


Very good and fun! Also very cool and thanks to Andy because he helped me fix the Security Sensor Sequencer. Overall Ω/10 (The best) I really like ClueQuest (CQ) and I am looking forward to the next o... more

Agent Supernova Operation E.G.G.

Agent Agent DGS

Review of Operation E.G.G. - 1 year ago

Fun Print + Cut

I really enjoyed playing through Operation E.G.G. I liked that the cutting was simple shapes (rectangles and circles), but the manipulations were still fun. Highly recommend!

Agent Cynic Operation E.G.G.

Agent A. C.

Review of Operation E.G.G. - 1 year ago

It was fun but we had to have a little help from adults.

I would recomend to do this over a couple of days and to do this with an adult because it was quite hard.

Agent Star Operation E.G.G.

Agent g. &. a.

Review of Operation E.G.G. - 2 years ago

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