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Fun, Challenging and Unique!

by Agent Chris
Agent Crimson cQ ORIGENES



Review of cQ ORIGENES - 1 month ago

A really fun birthday trip with friends. Eden was a great host and was good at giving us tips when we were going in the wrong direction. The room was very challenging and had some unique puzzles which was great.

Having 6 people in the room, we found that for some of us we were stuck not having anything to do a few times. I'd say maybe a maximum of 4 people would be a better amount so everyone gets a good amount of input, but it didn't ruin the amazing experience at all!

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A-mouse-ing time!!

Outstanding!! Thanks Ez for an epic adventure and for making our experience so great, we escaped by the fur of our teeth!

Agent Ninja cQ ORIGENES

Agent Owen

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 4 weeks ago

Great experience! Will visit again!

Very happy I chose this escape room at clueQuest London. Very friendly staff and an amazing facility


Agent Stefan

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 1 month ago


The boys absolutely LOVED this! Thoroughly enjoyed the challenge anbd were delighted to complete it!

Agent Shark cQ ORIGENES

Agent P. H.

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 1 month ago

We love clue quest!

Clue Quest never fails to impress! We’ve done every single game they have on offer and loved it every time! Definitely recommend!

Agent Supernova cQ ORIGENES

Agent Francesca

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 1 month ago

Fantastic family day

Brilliant as always! Set up is so good and really makes you think and work together. We’ve done all escape rooms here and can’t wait for the next one.

Agent Star cQ ORIGENES

Agent Lorna Green

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 1 month ago

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