The Best Escape Room PLAN52 London

The Best Escape Room

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Agent Luna PLAN52 London


Daniel and Carl

Review of PLAN52 - 11 months ago

This was by far the best escape room I have ever done - and I've done about 40 all over the UK. The puzzles were complex, but doable, and very creative. There were plenty of puzzles and the game had a nice mix of linearity and non-linearity. It kept excitement up at all times and there were very few moments when we had nothing to do.
Above all, the thing that made the game wonderful was Zeynep, the game-master. She was so down-to-earth, engaging, friendly and was able to provide a personalised experience to the game. She was so kind afterwards, and was able to give a breakdown of where our team did well, and how we compared to other teams. She is a real wonder!

Great room!

Great room. Really smooth and enjoyable.... more Great room. Really smooth and enjoyable. Definitely one of the best escape rooms we’ve done. Celia was great too, friendly, funny and enthusiastic!

Agent Star PLAN52 London

Agent A.

Review of PLAN52 - 1 week ago

Loved it!! Will come back

It was our first time and we enjoyed a l... more It was our first time and we enjoyed a lot. The room is challenging and really fun and exciting. Celia was our contact agent from the exterior and was very kind and supportive.

Agent Ninja PLAN52 London

Agent Peterson

Review of PLAN52 - 1 week ago

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