Good fun, solid puzzles

Good fun, solid puzzles

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Agent ET



Review of PLAN52 - 5 months ago

Great experience overall. Guy who did the brief was friendly, place looked nice.

Inside room, puzzles were great and things weren't hidden in silly places. Hints came at good timings when we needed them. Wasn't an overwhelming amount of items to keep track of, but just enough to give everyone a little something to do. There were 6 of us, and I don't think there was significant down time on any of us while playing. We all did something.

Fantastic Room

This was our first escape room, it was b... more This was our first escape room, it was better than all expectations, thoroughly enjoyed, definitely got the bug and can’t wait to experience another room.

Agent Cynic

Agent A.

Review of PLAN52 - 1 week ago

Greta fun

Very friendly staff and great fun. All p... more Very friendly staff and great fun. All puzzles involved the whole team, were inventive and entertaining. It was the first escape room I've done and I was glad that it required thought and provided a challenge without being ridiculously hard either.

Agent Phantom

Agent David

Review of PLAN52 - 5 days ago

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