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More practice needed

by Agent Danny
Agent Shark PLAN52



Review of PLAN52 - 7 months ago

I returned with my team, after successful completion of Operation Blacksheep (with a little help from our Cluequest Agent), with an optimistic ambition to beat Plan52 without any tips.

Our optimism started to evaporate fast, as it sank in how different individual escape rooms can be. Our Cluequest Agent, Eden, had our backs as we blundered through the mission, and with much handholding, we beat our 2nd room. With hindsight it was all very obvious but at points my brain felt it had escaped the room before I had.

There was one puzzle that after our debrief, at a local pub, the team concluded would have beaten us all, if not for Eden's help. However the rest of the room we probably would have managed, without help, if we had unlimited time.

I enjoyed the challenge but concede that we only escaped thanks to the wonderful support of Eden. To be fair this was only the 2nd escape room we have participated in, so we acknowledge that we may be veterans in age but rookies at escape rooms.

We did get to enjoy the whole room with thanks to Eden, this was much appreciated, as the story and puzzles were fun and we were glad to have the opportunity to tackle them all.

We now feel that based on the learning from these 2 previous rooms we could take on the slightly harder rated Revenge of the Sheep. We will therefore be returning to strive, again, for success, at our own merits or by blundering through guided by a future Cluequest friend!

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One of my favourite escape rooms, can't wait to go back and do the others. Ok to do in any size group - we did as a three which seemed good but would be fine to do as a two.

Agent Luna PLAN52

Agent Fiona

Review of PLAN52 - 1 month ago

Room? Escaped…

Had a great time for a friend’s birthday! Senna was lovely and got us really into the storyline. Her enthusiasm became ours, and we know Central is counting on us. We will be back…

Agent Fox PLAN52

Agent A.

Review of PLAN52 - 2 months ago

Great fun!

Great fun! First time I'd done an escape room - would definitely do it again! Was challenging but there was also help available, if needed. Really enjoyed it!

Agent Fox PLAN52

Agent Simon Hawkins

Review of PLAN52 - 2 months ago


Is good for all ages and builds team work and eas very entertaining would happily go again and am sad that it is over

Agent Maverick PLAN52

Agent Z.

Review of PLAN52 - 3 months ago


Plan52 was amazing, it was so well planned and put together and it was so satisfying to solve. Ez was fabulous as well, they really got us into the part and were so welcoming, it made such a differenc... more

Agent Supernova PLAN52

Agent Emma-Louise Day

Review of PLAN52 - 3 months ago

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