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Brillant escape room as usual with creative puzzles!

by Agent J.
Agent Baby PLAN52



Review of PLAN52 - 1 year ago

Having thoroughly enjoyed playing "Operation Blacksheep" previously I am back with two other friends to challenge "Plan 52" which is all about solving clues and opening locks. Brillant puzzles as usual and I love how some clues are found in the most unexpected places! We are not the brightest so we did struggle a bit and the host was really helpful in pointing us in the right direction. They even gave us another extra 15 min despite not being able to escape in 60 minutes, which we finally managed to escape with 3 minutes to spare.

Definitely looking forward to trying the other two more challenging rooms with a bigger party!

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Brilliant experience! Great fun!

Excellent escape room and v enthusiastic staff! Lots of different puzzles to solve and v creative. So much fun. Would highly recommend!

Agent Ninja PLAN52

Agent Rachel

Review of PLAN52 - 1 month ago

Super fun for families

This was brilliant. Sadie was really fun, kind and patient. She helped us get the right balance between challenge and progress (I was playing alone with my 7 year old son). She made it a really specia... more

Agent Baby PLAN52

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Mission Bees Success

Found this place via the Room Escape Artist blog. Plan 52 was an excellent mission to do with my parents, who are less experiences with escape rooms. It's super newbie friendly, but different enough t... more

Agent Crimson PLAN52

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Review of PLAN52 - 1 month ago


One of my favourite escape rooms, can't wait to go back and do the others. Ok to do in any size group - we did as a three which seemed good but would be fine to do as a two.

Agent Luna PLAN52

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Room? Escaped…

Had a great time for a friend’s birthday! Senna was lovely and got us really into the storyline. Her enthusiasm became ours, and we know Central is counting on us. We will be back…

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