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Great experience, well run!

by Agent Bryony
Agent Crimson PLAN52



Review of PLAN52 - 1 year ago

We had a fab experience here! Three of us took on the 'first' room of the series. The chap running the room was great, perfect mix of humour and guidance. I thought the majority of the clues and puzzles in the room were a good level of difficulty and felt like they made sense. The only criticism I would have is that the setup story we were told outside the room didn't really follow through into the room that much and j definitely would have liked to have felt like we were picking up clues that had been left for us, as we were told we would be. Apart from the the room was loads of fun and the whole process was really well run and communicated.

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One of my favourite escape rooms, can't wait to go back and do the others. Ok to do in any size group - we did as a three which seemed good but would be fine to do as a two.

Agent Luna PLAN52

Agent Fiona

Review of PLAN52 - 1 month ago

Room? Escaped…

Had a great time for a friend’s birthday! Senna was lovely and got us really into the storyline. Her enthusiasm became ours, and we know Central is counting on us. We will be back…

Agent Fox PLAN52

Agent A.

Review of PLAN52 - 2 months ago

Great fun!

Great fun! First time I'd done an escape room - would definitely do it again! Was challenging but there was also help available, if needed. Really enjoyed it!

Agent Fox PLAN52

Agent Simon Hawkins

Review of PLAN52 - 2 months ago


Is good for all ages and builds team work and eas very entertaining would happily go again and am sad that it is over

Agent Maverick PLAN52

Agent Z.

Review of PLAN52 - 3 months ago


Plan52 was amazing, it was so well planned and put together and it was so satisfying to solve. Ez was fabulous as well, they really got us into the part and were so welcoming, it made such a differenc... more

Agent Supernova PLAN52

Agent Emma-Louise Day

Review of PLAN52 - 3 months ago

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