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Happy family

by Agent T. W.
Agent Baby Stolen IQ


T. W.

Review of Stolen IQ - 1 year ago

Family Christmas present - everyone enjoyed solving the puzzles together on Christmas day. But we couldn't understand the 7 hexagon jigsaw pieces solution.

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Very good experience, great fun and challenging. The puzzles were just right and got your mind going.

Agent Crimson Stolen IQ

Agent Dipa

Review of Stolen IQ - 1 month ago

excellent fun for family

Very good puzzles well coordinated with online videos. engaging for the entire family from ages 10 upwards.

Agent Brain Stolen IQ


Review of Stolen IQ - 4 months ago

Family Bonding Time

Enjoyed this first mission (print@home) immensely. It took my guys (hubby and three sons) almost 53 minutes to complete. A good time was had by all! I highly recommend this family activity.

Agent Emo Stolen IQ

Agent A.

Review of Stolen IQ - 10 months ago

Great fun!

The first two chapters were relatively easy. The last chapter took us for ever and we weren't able to finish it without a hint.

Agent Hawk Stolen IQ

Agent Turmoma

Review of Stolen IQ - 10 months ago

Could be harder with more interactive content

The puzzles were fairly easy and we've expected more interactive content. In the final puzzle the cutout letters seemed unnecessary, as one could just write the letters in the placeholders.

Agent ET Stolen IQ

Agent A.

Review of Stolen IQ - 1 year ago

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