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Everyone loved it!

by Agent Emma
Agent Crimson Operation BlackSheep



Review of Operation BlackSheep - 1 year ago

Loved the Black Sheep escape room. We had two teams of 5 battling it out in parallel for a company team building event. Only a couple of us had attended one before so it was a little confusing at first but we soon got into it. The puzzles are so clever and fun. It gets a little panicky at the end at the time draws to a close but you get a real sense of achievement when you succeed. The clueQuest team offer helpful hints and support on the way so you don't get stuck for too long. Brilliant fun, highly recommended.

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It was me and my partners first escape rooms and we had an amazing time, really cool rooms and our agent Cameron was great and guided us through the rooms with helpful clues when needed.

Agent Maverick Operation BlackSheep

Agent Cameron M

Review of Operation BlackSheep - 1 month ago

Highest quality escape room experience!

Best escape room experience that I've had so far. Lots of puzzles and a great theme. Production quality was awesome! Our host Rowen was awesome and professional.

Agent Supernova Operation BlackSheep

Agent Tom

Review of Operation BlackSheep - 1 month ago

Brilliant escape room!

We did Operation Blacksheep as a family (the group was aged between 5 and 72) and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The game was really well thought out and great quality. We've done a few escap... more

Agent Hawk Operation BlackSheep

Agent Charlie

Review of Operation BlackSheep - 4 months ago

Great experience

Really enjoyed the escape room, lots to decode and work out, our party had two children and they also enjoyed themselves and participated. We all tried to bring something to the party. Georges was a... more

Agent Ninja Operation BlackSheep

Agent Natalie

Review of Operation BlackSheep - 5 months ago

The ideal Birthday treat

Very exciting! From the moment the door is locked. Great clues all part of the story. You certainly need your thinking cap on.

Agent Light Operation BlackSheep

Agent A.

Review of Operation BlackSheep - 5 months ago

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